Why Is it So Important to Check the Security of the Application You Are Creating?


With such rapid development of Internet services, more and more individuals and even more legal entities begin to conduct their business using the Internet. The development of several digital currencies and their active entry into the financial market added fuel to the fire. And now, if your work is related to online commerce, trade, or any other business that involves personal data collecting and processing, you need to ensure your users’ personal information is absolutely secure. If you are at the stage of launching your application or website, you will need a smart contract audit that will check the quality of your system.

This check, along with penetration testing – https://hacken.io/services/penetrationtesting/android-penetration-testing/, plays an important role in showing how prepared you are for hacker attacks. As fraudsters develop new methods of data theft, you, as a service provider, with the growing demand for your platform, should be prepared for such unpleasant events, guarantee the safety and security of every user, and thereby confirm your high-quality reputation.

How it works

The specialists of the HACKEN are professionals in the field of cybersecurity. If you are interested in how exactly such services can help your business and the subsequent development of your company, you should remember your childhood pretend and imagine games. The testing method is more serious, but it is based on a false attack by viruses and other malicious processes. This simulation is created using special computer programs and immediately identifies defects in your application or site. Detecting some problems early on can save you time and money as well as keep you from crashes. In addition to the services listed above, HACKEN is able to:

  • arrange a blockchain control;
  • help with formal verification;
  • provide cloud security;
  • and much more.

Throughout the entire procedure, you will be provided with high-quality support, and worthwhile recommendations to improve your platforms.


  1. Hire a leading Smart Contract Audit Company that has hands-on experience on the various Blockchain frameworks like ETH, BSC, PolkaDot, and others.

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