How To Keep Your Game Intact With A Busy Lifestyle


By Bill Burke

Like many people, you may not have much time left over in your day due to family responsibilities, social engagements, and work obligations. Therefore, squeezing in play time is difficult. Like any other extra-curricular activity or hobby, playing games takes time, and you have to plan for it. However, there are things you can do to find time to play games even if you are busy building your business, advancing your career or taking care of other responsibilities.

The following tips offer a good way to think about integrating game time into a busy schedule:

Wake up earlier

One of the quietest times is early in the morning before everyone gets out of bed. You can set your alarm one hour earlier than you need to wake up and aim to play a game quickly.

Involve other people

While many people are accustomed to playing games alone, gaming with family and friends is just as enjoyable and memorable. Instead of meeting your friends for drinks, dinner or a movie, consider meeting them to play games such as indoor golf. Playing games with others is likely to be more interesting since you will have more brains concentrating on the tricky moves. You can make playing games with family and friends a regular thing.

Play when you are having trouble sleeping

On some nights, you may have trouble sleeping or need to stay up late with a newborn baby. Games are an excellent way to pass time which would otherwise drag by. Carrying a laptop and a newborn is hard. Therefore, you can start to partake in mobile games that can be played on an iPhone or iPod.

Have a game plan

You can set aside some time on some days of the week or on the weekend to satisfy your need to play games. Setting aside twenty minutes to play games several times a week will add up over time. You will be surprised at the amount of gaming fun you have had every month with a consistent gaming schedule.

Keep your priorities straight.

Do not let games distract you from taking care of essential activities. For instance, if you had promised to take your partner out for dinner, do so first. If you have a 9 am deadline for that Testing Procedure Specification report, ensure that it is done so that you will be worry free as you play. By doing the necessary chores first, you will not feel guilty about playing games afterward.


Make a trade

You can diversify your entertainment options. If you have been watching many TV shows or movies recently, you can try to switch things up and replace one of your current hobbies with any of your favorite games. This way, you will trade one pleasurable activity for another. You will not take time away from your responsibilities.

Avoid playing the time-consuming games

If you love video games, you can avoid the never-ending MMOs in favor of shorter games since you do not want to waste an entire day. As you play, ask yourself if you are having fun. There is no point spending the limited time you have on a game that does not keep you excited.

Many people complain that they do not have time for games. Some have even given up on finding time to play their favorite games. However, you should not feel guilty about finding time to play games. You need to make a few adjustments and commitments to enjoy the games you love, be it tabletop games, party games, mathematical games, puzzles or outdoor games among others.

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