Five Betting Apps for Android, Tested and Reviewed


By Will Terry

Having the right info at the right time is the key to build a profitable and consistent strategy if you want your betting results written on black instead of red. If you have some experience in the hustle you know that crunching numbers can be daunting and usually requires being confined to a computer screen skimming data until you find that golden nugget. 

Fortunately for us, tipsters and score results are now at fingers tip and with a couple of swipes, you can make your bets on the run anytime anywhere. The following list compresses 5 tested apps from reputable services that can give you an edge to your game. However, the bigger tip we can provide is to always use your common sense.


With 38 sports and +6000 events worldwide FlashScore is an app that truly provides bettors complete information to build their odds. This is one of the best apps and UK sportsbooks not on Gamstop that available for UK players. It has complete record a team´s past performance and if a player was suddenly changed or ended on the bench during a running event, Flashscore will be the first one to tell you.

Flashscore’s layout is totally impeccable; clean menus and stats distribution definitely helps bettors to find out what they really need without losing time skipping from one page to another.

The app doesn’t provide any odds but with the right betting system, Flashcore becomes essential for any serious sports bettor. 

BetFan Plus

BetFan is a community-based tipster service with +86000 members with a long record of great and profitable tips. Although BetFan´s angle stone is horse racing, the service also covers sports like football, golf, greyhound and even seasonal events like Formula One, World Cup and the Olympics.

Tipsters are ranked according to their performance and you can choose from several subscription packages which aren’t refundable, so you better test the waters before getting committed. However, Betfan provides brings daily free tips from its major tipsters.  

Compared to the website the app is really disappointing, is only focused on horse racing and bugs a lot. Save some disks space and use our favorite web navigator.


ProBet is an early release football app that has gained a solid reputation thanks to its accurate predictions. ProBet doesn’t tell only which results might happen but WHY they will occur.

Although many options are blocked until you go premium, The app offers some basic predictions, minute to minute news, and complete information about the teams and their odds.

ProBet has 10 filters to narrow the list to the games you really want to follow and if that is not enough, it has its own alert system to provide useful tips 60 minutes before the game starts.


Among the many apps dedicated to the king of sports, Betmines stand for the quality of its tips thanks to an advanced algorithm system that constantly evolves and backed with its team of expert bettors.

Betmines provides a bet generator where you can customize your odds range, events type and other options which are perfect for aspiring bettors to develop their skills. You can also bet with play money and get your results automatically ranked among other bettors.
Premium content can be accessed in exchange for the display of ads, however, they can be annoying as they appear without notice unless you go premium, which really worth the expense.

Football Bet Analyzer: predictions Tips and Odds

As the really long name suggests, this app works with algorithms in order to provide an accurate result. Game odds are very complete and you can filter them by event time, favorite teams and even their trust.

The app doesn’t provide very in-deep information on past results and compared to other apps it has a narrow selection of leagues. Its layout is very simple which can be good or bad depending on your preferences. It’s pretty obvious that the app needs some work, but we have good expectations for the developers.

Besides that, Football bet analyzer predictions Tips and Odds, is a useful reference for betting and comes totally free.

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