Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney gets Hair Update in Video Game

With the upcoming release of FIFA 12, soccer video game fans everywhere are in eager anticipation. The game is detailed; exceedingly detailed. Take a look at Manchester United forward Wayne Rooney’s hair.

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Manchester United Defeat Chicago Fire 3-1 in World Football Challenge

manchester united

The Chicago Fire have just 2 wins this MLS season. But they looked pretty impressive to Manchester United F.C. on Saturday. This match-up between the Red Devils and the “Men in Red” was much closer than anyone expected. The Old Trafford outfit absolutely destroyed the Seattle Sounders, 7-0 in their last preseason friendly. Therefore, conventional wisdom held that this match could see more of the same.

However, this friendly held in 90 degree heat and ugly humidity at Soldier Field, turned out quite different.

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Slovenia player guarantees victory over the U.S.

landon donovan

Slovania’s midfielder Andrej Komac is quoted as saying “We will win this game. I have a good feeling.” Unfortunately for the United States, history is on Slovenia’s side. The U.S. is 3-10-3 against European teams in the group stage (0-2-2 in their last 4 games).

Slovenia is a small country, with a population the size of Houston, Texas. They gained independence in 1991 and won their first-ever World Cup game last Saturday against Algeria. Small country or not, any team that beats a team like Russia and qualifies out of Europe needs to be taken seriously.

by Justin Mertes-Mistretta

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World Cup Group H Preview: Should Spain be the favorite to win it all?


Group H is the group of similarities. For starters, three of the four teams (Spain, Honduras and Chile) are Spanish-speaking countries. This means that both teams will be able to comprehend “yo mama” jokes, which may lead to more Zinedine Zidane-like headbutts.

Another similarity is the fact that some of the most accomplished coaches are in this group. Spain is coached by Vicente del Bosque, who has won two Champions League titles, two La Liga titles and one Intercontinental Cup. Switzerland’s coach, Ottmar Hitzfeld, also has two Champions League titles along with two Intercontinental Cups and seven Bundesliga championships. Chile’s coach, Marcelo Bielsa, won the Olympic Gold in 2004 and is the only coach in this group with World Cup experience.

by Justin Mertes-Mistretta

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World Cup Group C Preview: Can U.S. live up to their expectations?

jozy altidore

The U.S. national team is no longer considered an underdog. After beating Spain in the Confederations Cup last Summer, the U.S. has high expectations heading into the 2010 World Cup.

For a team with such high expectations, the United States are vastly inexperienced, especially up front. The player with the most caps (games played for a national team) out of all the forwards isn’t even able to drink a beer! Jozy Altidore is the man, or should I say the young adult, that I am talking about. I can just see it now: U.S. forward Jozy Altidore, cited for an underage drinking ticket in locker room celebration after World Cup victory. That would have to be a first.

Unfortunately, Altidore was hospitalized Thursday morning with a sprained ankle, but he has a full week to heal up. The U.S. better hope for a speedy recovery because the other forwards are Edson Buddle, Herculez Gomez and Robbie Findley. Air Bud has more World Cup experience than these guys. My gut feeling is that they will move Clint Dempsey (the only player to score for the U.S. in the ’06 World Cup) up top regardless of whether or not Altidore plays.

by Justin Mertes-Mistretta

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