Charles Barkley makes slavery joke on NBA on TNT


Last night during the NBA on TNT broadcast, Charles Barkley was asked by Kenny “the Jet”Smith who is favorite president was. He mentioned that he recently saw the Steven Spielberg “Lincoln” movie and answered the question. Sounds harmless and politically correct enough, right?

Well this is the chuckster.

His response:

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’12 Olympic team would beat ’92 ‘Dream Team’

2012 US Men's basketball team

Kobe Bryant sparked a huge debate a few weeks ago when he said that the 2012 Men’s Olympic Basketball team could beat the 1992 “Dream Team”Michael Jordan laughed, “Dream Team” said the ‘Dream Team’ would win by 25, and Charles Barkley called people “knuckleheads”.

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San Antonio Mayor returns fire on Charles Barkley (video)


You heard all the critical things Charles Barkley had to say about the city of San Antonio, its culture and and its women. Some of which were pretty funny.

Now the NBA analyst has seen not-so-friendly fire returned on him by the city’s mayor Julian Castro. The video that follows gets plenty of digs in without becoming too harsh. Castro still stays light-hearted, but gets plenty of shots in. It almost makes you want to root for the Spurs.

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Barkley on Tebow’s Big Win: “National Nightmare Continues”


Charles Barkley has been here before. Calling out the national media, and America in general for the insane hype and romanticizing of Tim Tebow.

Previously, he asked the Chicago Bears to stop this madness. The non-stop publicity bullet train that seems to only be getting faster.

Now Barkley, the new Weight Watchers pitchman and co-host on TNT’s “Inside The NBA,” has taken time to comment on Tebow’s big win. (Because the Denver Broncos are the Denver Tebows now, that’s just reality of the world we live in)

As much as I agree with Chuckles about how insanely over-blown the media coverage of Tebow has been, it’s still funny to hear a guy who just appeared on The Daily Show” and even hosted “Saturday Night Live” talk about someone being overexposed.

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Charles Barkley Calls Republican Presidential Field “Idiots” (Video)


New Weight Watchers pitchman and former NBA star Charles Barkley seems pretty confident President Barack Obama will win a second term. A guest on “The Tonight Show,”  Barkley talked about the GOP 2012 hopefuls and said, “As a Democrat who loves the president, I am downright giddy. They ain’t no way we can lose to them idiots.”

Not that Barkley is a political expert or anything, but I totally believe he’s right. As things stand now, I’m sure Obama will beat Mitt Romney handily. But of course, a lot of things can change between now and November 2012.

And remember Barkley is not a role model. He’s here to rebound the ball, not raise your kids. He had some more good lines during his spot, watch it after the jump.

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Charles Barkely will be New Weight Watchers Pitchman


Chuckles has a new gig. Charles Barkley, the Round Mound of Rebound will be the new face of Weight Watchers multi-media, multi-pronged ad campaign aimed at men.

Barkley, a tall 6-6, who was listed at 6-8, went about 245 during his playing days, and is just north of three C-Notes right now. He is down from 350.

During his DUI arrest in late 2008, in which he admitted he was picking up a woman for a sex act, donuts and wine coolers were found in his car. Perhaps he’s turned over a new leaf?

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Charles Barkley Asks Chicago Bears to Stop Tim Tebow Hype


Sick of the non-stop Tim Tebow talk/coverage? Tired of the Denver Broncos QB who: wins with a very unorthodox style and mentions God/Jesus/The Lord/savior/his spirituality so much that if you were playing a drinking game for those words while watching a Tebow interview you’d die from alcohol poisoning within the first couple minutes?

Well, Charles Barkley sure is. And he wants the Chicago Bears to do something about it this Sunday.

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Is Draymond Green the next Charles Barkley?

charles barkley

By Paul M. Banks

As Kermit the frog once taught us, “it’s not easy being green.” To wear the green and white of Michigan State, a player must be tough, tenacious, defend like his hair is on fire and be almost willing to give his life for a defensive rebound. Kind of sounds like sophomore forward Draymond Green.

Like the narrator said in “300,” “Only the hard can be Spartans, only the strong.”

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Carlos Boozer Exclusive

Paul M. Banks has an exclusive with the NBA All-Star and Olympic Gold Medalist Carlos Boozer.

Booze is a two time NBA All-Star and member of last year’s All-NBA Third team. Boozer also won a Bronze medal in Athens during the 2004 Olympic games. Since his 2002-03 NBA All-Rookie team season, Boozer has finished the season among the league’s top ten performers in field goal percentage five times and top ten rebounders twice.

He is known for his strength, rebounding and offensive skill set., lists Boozer among the “game’s best post players” and among the best at scoring (or “finishing”) under the basket with either hand Boozer credits his father for helping him develop his ambidextrous ability.

In the 2006-07 NBA season, Boozer appeared in the NBA Fundamentals series hosted by TNT, in which NBA players explain certain aspects of basketball. He explained the topic “post play”. In this clip, Boozer highlighted the technique of how to establish position in the low post, and how to most effectively score from that position. Boozer showcased his array of ambidextrous slam dunks and hook shots, and reminded viewers to insert an occasional jump shot to confuse the opponent. He also expressed his admiration of retired NBA greats Karl Malone and Charles Barkley, who he sees as masters of low post scoring.

I recently sat down with him in Milwaukee and opened the interview by asking him to describe his Gold Medal winning experience in Beijing. “I’ll tell you the same thing everyone is going to tell you, it was amazing, we had a goal set in mind and I think for all of us, the players, coaches, staff all included it was probably the biggest thing we’ve been a part of in sports,” Boozer responded.

I asked Booze if he would do it again in 2012…“Absolutely, it’s an honor anytime you get to wear USA across your chest,”…and later to describe what it’s like taking the court in the NBA against someone who was previously your teammate in representing America.

“We’re like brothers, all of us have a special bond; we’re all very close. We stay in touch and talk all the time now, just because of the experience we went through, and the team that brought back pride to USA basketball,” Boozer responded.

What are your thoughts on Chicago as a sports town and Olympic host?

“Huge sports town, great fans very committed, great venue, great to have it here in the states, we haven’t had it since Atlanta. And I think it would be well received, we’d have a great turnout here I think, other countries love to come play here”

It helps that the international icon of basketball, Michael Jordan made his name for himself there….

“Absolutely, and I had a chance to see the plan, they have a great plan for it too”