Herschel Walker Needs Professional Medical Help, Not Public Office


It’s legitimately frightening that a man with blatantly obvious and extremely severe brain damage might get elected to hold national office in this country. Herschel Walker is now known for something much more important, these days, than being the focal point in one of the worst NFL trades of all-time.

Walker, alarmingly, has already won the Republican primary for U.S. Senate in Georgia. The former Minnesota Viking and Dallas Cowboy will now take on Incumbent Rev. Raphael Warnock in the general this November. It is expected to be one of the most competitive races, nationwide this election cycle.

That’s extremely frightening, because Walker won’t even do a single debate, and the reason is clear. He can’t express a clear, concise view on policy. At this point, all he’s doing is non-decipherable word salad. It’s one thing to just say he has no real redeeming policy positions.

It’s another to say that he’s a complete idiot. Both of these things are true of course, but the problem goes much deeper. Not only is not even remotely close to being able to responsibly wield such power, he shouldn’t even be doing any public speaking at all.

The man has such obvious and serious CTE that he should drop all this nonsense and simply seek medical help. The guy has no clue about anything that he pretends to understand and really needs to focus on his health. It’s not even funny at this point.

His disorganized verbal garbage will dumb you down so badly that even Tommy Tuberville, yes, that Tommy Tuberville looks coherent and insightful by comparison.

I shudder to think that there are legitimate functional adult human beings in this country that have seen and heard Herschel Walker speak, and they affirm “yep, he’s got my vote.”

Georgia tailback Herschel Walker played three seasons at Georgia (AJC file photo)

The problems with Herschel Walker don’t end there either. He’s also a terrible human being. After his divorce, his ex-wife, Cindy Grossman, told the media that, during their marriage, Walker pointed a pistol at her head and said: “I’m going to blow your fucking brains out.”

She also said he had used knives to threaten her.

Grossman’s sister stated in an affidavit that Walker had told her: “unequivocally that he was going to shoot my sister Cindy and her [new] boyfriend in the head.”

So again, this is who you want to send, to represent you, Georgians? You’re absolutely sure about that?

Paul M. Banks is the owner/manager of The Bank (TheSportsBank.Net) and author of “Transatlantic Passage: How the English Premier League Redefined Soccer in America,” as well as “No, I Can’t Get You Free Tickets: Lessons Learned From a Life in the Sports Media Industry.”

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  1. William Breeden says

    This is the danger of ignorance. One of our founding fathers, which one I don’t remember, and he surely was no saint, but said, “if people wish to be both ignorant and free, they wish for something that never has been and never will be.”

  2. The combination of false claims and controversial practices is an obvious problem for the Senate hopeful, compounded by the fact that there are so many similar stories in Walker’s background.

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