Seven Infamous Sports Meltdowns: Knight, Iverson, Mora, Artest, Brett


After witnessing the antics of Ndamukong Suh on Thanksgiving in Ford Field, it made me wonder where I would rank his nervous breakdown with other memorable sports mishaps through the years. This is certainly a list that will stir debate and naysayers, but that is the point of any sports blog. A negative reaction is much more preferable than indifference.

1.       George Brett’s tirade at Yankee Stadium-He not only decided to exit the dugout to argue the home run with umpires. He also came to the conclusion that it would be a good idea to pop some blood vessels in his neck and have his eyes bulge out of his head. Just think, it was all over excessive pine tar!

2.       Ron Artest’s fight with fans in Detroit-The aforementioned basketball player has always had an interesting relationship with sanity-namely that he has never embraced it. It was never so apparent than at the Palace in Auburn Hills when he decided to take out his frustrations by entering the crowd to settle a score violently. He must have been inspired by postal employees.

3.       Jim Mora “playoffs”-There is nothing that gets a good chuckle out of me during the holidays like Coach Mora using his Peter Brady voice in an incredulous manner talking about his team’s fortunes. NFL coaches haven’t ever been the most serene individuals under any circumstances, but this took instability to a whole new level.

4.       Allen Iverson “practice”-I have never had a problem with these disparaging comments about practice from Allen Iverson. Never has there a player who went harder on the court during game time. Any naysayers should simply look to his diminutive stature for evidence. He was about the same size and talent level as Stephon Marbury. One chose to be a head case and fizzle out early and the other was a constant warrior.

5.       Bobby Knight chair tossing- Coach Knight has recently been on interviews about his mentee passing him on the all-time wins list north of nine hundred. He has taken a calmer tone later in life, but he was as fiery as a competitor as there was. Who would have the audacity to kick his own soon on the bench of an NCAA game? The best part of the entire incident is that he said that he saw a little old lady across the court who needed the seat…and the rest was history.

6.       World Cup Bro- During the United States’ last attempt to win the equivalent of the Olympics in soccer, a famous interview came to the forefront. A fan was asked a few questions by a reporter outside of a tavern’s viewing party after America’s loss. A tear filled tirade commenced with the famous three words in bold. It begged the question of whether the fan had any perspective whatsoever about the priorities in life.

7.       “They are who we thought they were.“- As coach of the Arizona Cardinals, Dennis Green used his raspy voice to speak about crowning people and to put a stop to reporters doubting the validity of his opponent. Here’s a thought. How about preparing the team better?

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