Plaxico Burress says he wants to join the Philadelphia Eagles


plaxico burress

Embattled NFL receiver Plaxico Burress appeared on 97.5 The Fanatic on Tuesday and stated, “nothing else would make me happier” than joining the Eagles. Burress said the Eagles had “a lot” of interest in him last year. Although the New York Jets obviously were more interested.

It appears the former Michigan State star would like to trade in last year’s green-and-white for green-and-silver. Burress made $3 million on a one-year-deal last season with the Jets. But don’t expect a ton of teams to be fawning over him at this point.

A few minutes ago, ESPN’s Rachel Nichols tweeted:

Just spoke to Plaxico Burress – said he’s spoken to Michael Vick several times about signing with the Eagles, “would be something special.”

I guess that would be the ultimate “redeem team” or sorts. Or at least the “rehabilitation combination” of quarterback and wide receiver. Has the NFL ever seen two big stars disgrace themselves, get sent to prison, and then come back and play on the same team together? Gotta be unprecedented.

As for Burress, he’s not the player he once was, so for him to be picking and choosing where he wants to go is just not realistic at this point in his career.

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