Jets are Geno Smith’s team; for better or worse



The New York Jets lackluster play is more frustrating than normal because this team has shown that they have talent. Behind all of the penalties, turnovers, and play calls that will make your head spin is a team that has managed to keep every game close. This is a team that was actually beating up on the Green Bay Packers 21-3 at one point.

When games are close, blame usually falls on the quarterback. Geno Smith may not be the only one to blame, but he is the one who has fallen apart since defeating Oakland; a game they won despite his two turnovers.

Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg should be more to blame than anyone. Even with the turnovers, the Jets have been in position over and over again to regain leads in tight games. His play calling- from failed red zone trickery to third and one shot-gun runs from all over the field has absolutely been a big part of the Jets offense doing virtually nothing.


But when Mornhinweg isn’t calling a bad drive or calling timeouts, Geno Smith is throwing the ball directly to defenders after holding on to the ball for far too long. Jets fans want a change, they want to see a quarterback who will protect the ball and not give opposing teams points.

Michael Vick won’t be the answer.

He’s 3-10 in his last 13 starts with 15 turnovers.

He may have once looked like superman, but Vick has always had a problem holding on to the football. Could he make more plays than Smith? Maybe. But he will turn the ball over just as much. The difference? The difference is Smith has a future and has shown many signs of having all of the tools to be great. The reason Jets fans are so frustrated is because they know Smith has the potential to be their guy for the long run.

Geno Smith is like the little brother who keeps making the same mistakes when he has his father on the ropes in a game of one on one. He has the skills to get ahead, and he’s in position to win. Right now, Smith isn’t ready but he’s poised to figure it out.

The Jets outplayed the Packers and Bears. The Lions may have outplayed the Jets, but the Jets had chances to make their mark and tie the game in the fourth quarter. They failed to make a stop, or a big play.

Regardless, they failed as a team. The defense shouldn’t be let off the hook. For the third straight season, the Jets defense has managed to cloud their solid performances with long, grueling touchdown drives in the second half or by just giving up that one big play.

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John Idzik isn’t rushing his new system. He has a plan, and that plan would be miraculous if the Jets were Super Bowl contenders within three years. This is year two, far from the point in panicking at a 1-3 start. Idzik must let Geno Smith work it out, as he takes the most cap room and all of his draft picks into his third season at the helm as general manager.

A loss at San Diego will not do anyone justice. No matter if there are people who understand this is a rebuild, a 1-4 start before facing Peyton Manning and Tom Brady within five days of one another is going to drive Jets fans into a world they know all too well.

The season could virtually end this Sunday, or it could be revived with a win and an opportunity to be tied for first place in the AFC East by the end of the day. Either way, Geno Smith is the guy to ride or die with along the “Jets way.”

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