New York Jets 2012 Fantasy Football Preview


The New York Jets are a perfect example of how the offseason’s main story lines can have little impact on the fantasy relevance of a team. If you haven’t heard, the Jets acquired Tim Tebow from the Denver Broncos, kicking off a entirely over-dramatic quarterback controversy which most likely doesn’t exist.

In this preview, I’ll assume that Mark Sanchez is the starter with Tebow coming in for special packages which in essence will make both Sanchez and Tebow relatively undraftable in most fantasy leagues.

Here are the guys in New York that you should have on your list come time to do the fantasy draft.

*Credit to Cold Stone Creamery for inspiring the categories for this set of fantasy previews. However, I cannot guarantee the fantasy players will live up to high expectations like their delicious ice cream does.

GOTTA HAVE THEM (Elite Category – These guys are must have for any fantasy team)

No Current Jets Fit In This Class

LOVE THEM (These guys are game-changers who are a breakout season or two from becoming elite)

RB Shonn Greene (2011 Finish: 19th ranked RB, 9.3 points per game)

There’s only one guy you should love on the Jets and that’s the rumbling back Shonn Greene. A lot of people liked Greene going into 2011 and I’ll agree that his 9.3 points per game was nothing to get excited about, but I saw a disappointing 2011 as a Jets problem, not a Greene problem. What’s different this year? For one thing, Tony Sparano has come in as the new offensive coordinator and his number one priority will be to revive the running game. Secondly, the Jets do not have a lot of depth at the running back position and Greene is in a situation to easily carry the ball fifteen or more times in each and every game. The best part about Greene is that he will most likely drop to the third-tier of RBs in fantasy drafts opposed to his second-tier status he has held over the last couple of years.

LIKE THEM (These guys are solid fantasy options who should help any fantasy team win)

Jets D/ST (2011 Finish: 7th ranked D/ST, 8.7 points per game)

Anyone that knows Rex Ryan knows that his teams are always stout on the defensive end. Even though the Jets had a bad season in 2011, the defense was still fairly formidable. They started out on a tear (scored 17 or more fantasy points in four of the first six weeks) before leveling out to end the season. Darelle Revis is still a beast and with the addition of rookie Quinton Couples, this defense should still be solid. Whether the team can reach a deal with S Jim Leonard has yet to be seen, so remain cautious when drafting. To me, the Jets are a so-so option in this category; they won’t hurt you which sometimes is all you need in this spot.

WR Santonio Holmes (2011 Finish: 32nd ranked WR, 6.8 points per game)

Fantasy is all about balancing risk versus reward and when you mention Santonio Holmes, you’re talking about a huge plate of risk. This is the same guy who was benched during the last week of the season because he couldn’t get along with starting quarterback Mark Sanchez. However, you won’t find many receivers in the league who have the speed and ability of Holmes which makes him a target for some fantasy owners. The addition of rookie wideout Stephen Hill will only help Holmes who I would expect to have a better year than he had in 2011.

OUT OF STOCK (These guys can not yet be counted on to bring greatness to a fantasy team)

QB Mark Sanchez
QB Tim Tebow
WR Stephen Hill
RB Joe McKnight
TE Dustin Keller
WR Chaz Schilens

What do you think of the 2012 New York Jets Fantasy Outlook? Did I miss anything or was it pretty spot on? Let me know by commenting below!

Nick Grays is a senior writer at the Sports Bank where he covers the Wisconsin Badgers, Green Bay Packers, and Milwaukee Brewers. He also enjoys to share Fantasy Advice and pretend to be a Golf expert from time-to-time. Follow him on Twitter by clicking here or visit his blog Nick Knows Best.

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