Favre Wrangler Parody Video: SNL Actually Does Something Funny!


favre wrangler

For years, I’ve said that Saturday Night Live has been show executed like the jokes were written by and geared towards 13-year-old girls. Nothing against the Hannah Montana worshiping set, but SNL has been so unfunny and dull for so long…unless it was a music video with Andy Samberg. His compilation with Justin Timberlake pretty much owned the internet in December 2006.

Likewise in 2008, when Samberg teamed up with Jorma Taccone.

And with their take on the current Sterger-Sexting-Favre scandal, SNL once again rmeinds us that they have this penis humor thing down pat.

Ever wonder why Wrangler keeps running those ads of the Minnesota Vikings QB non-stop? The blue-jeans company might reconsider how ridiculous they look after seeing this.

Btw, supposedly Jenn Sterger‘s agent has claimed they’ll take hush money, and Favre has admitted to phoning her, but not pics. So the matter should get more definitive this week, and the NFL is hoping it’s all resolved within 7-10 days.

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