ESPN’s Wendi Nix DESTROYS Jerry Jones; calls out Cowboys sponsors (video)


Greg Hardy is a garbage human being, and Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones is a disgusting person for enabling him. Jones doesn’t just enable Hardy, he’s doubled down on vouching for his character by incessantly claiming that Hardy is such a great leader.

Lots of NFL pundits have been calling out Jones and the Cowboys over all this, but ESPN reporter Wendi Nix probably did so in the most effective way this morning.


FOX’s Terry Bradshaw called out the so-called “America’s Team” over this back on October 13th. His rant was epically spot on. Last Sunday, the NFL on CBS crew shredded Jones and the Cowboys over this topic, and deservedly so. With Deadspin releasing the police photos of Hardy’s ex-girlfriend, along with new details from the incident on Friday, the topic domainted the Sunday NFL talking head shows.

The NFL Today on CBS covered the topic in detail again this Sunday, and James Brown had an on point analysis of the fact that Hardy has not shown any remorse or contrition throughout all this.

Wendy Nix really killed this morning on NFL Sunday Countdown though, as she stated: “This is not a gender issue, this is a people issue.”

Right, it’s a “not being a total deplorable scumbag issue.”


Nix admitted that she is where she is today in part due to her being a woman, and that’s key because whenever you put yourself on a soap box like this, you need to have crystal clear self-awareness, along with awareness of your place in the universe. Again though, this isn’t a gender issue, and although Nix’s message will likely resonate more with viewers and NFL fans because she’s a woman, the gender of the messenger here is irrelevant.

Watch the full segment below as Wendi Nix called on sponsors and fans to pressure the team with the proverbial “people vote with their feet” argument. (Or in this case, with their dollars)

Nix calls on the Cowboys/NFL’s major sponsors, American Airlines, Miller Brewing Company and AT&T to send a message to Jones and the Cowboys.


Calling out the all powerful corporations might not sit well with ESPN and/or the NFL, but let’s credit Wendi Nix for being brave enough to say that anyway.

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