ESPN’s Wendi Nix DESTROYS Jerry Jones; calls out Cowboys sponsors (video)

Greg Hardy is a garbage human being, and Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones is a disgusting person for enabling him. Jones doesn’t just enable Hardy, he’s doubled down on vouching for his character by incessantly claiming that Hardy is such a great leader.

Lots of NFL pundits have been calling out Jones and the Cowboys over all this, but ESPN reporter Wendi Nix probably did so in the most effective way this morning.

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Erin Andrews Acolytes have Started Worshipping Jenn Brown


Apparently, there’s a new heiress to the  supposed “Sideline Princess” throne. Watch tonight with the Thursday night college football game of the week.

ESPN’s Jenn Brown is a former bikini model (which obviously gave her more journalistic credentials than even Medill graduates) and gymnast (again making her clearly more qualified in news reporting than the thousands of experienced j-school grads dying for her job). She also attended the same school (University of Florida) as the reigning Media Princess Erin Andrews.

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Fun with TSB Search Term Referrals

By Paul M. Banks

I can’t say how proud I am that the top-referring search engine terms sending traffic to the sports are for the most part sports related! Nothing x-rated, nothing unsafe for work. It is relevant. This doesn’t sound like much, but believe me, in the world of Google and all the perverts out there, this is indeed an accomplishment. Without further ado, here are the top terms:

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NFL Mock Draft 1-5