Detroit Lions 2011 Season: Game by Game Breakdown



I am tired of tv pundits and radio talk show hosts throwing around win totals and predictions without going into detail before throwing out their opinions. Sometimes a reaction from the audience seems to be more important than giving an informed take on things. In my previous Lions blog, I went into the high hopes surrounding the Lions for this upcoming season.

What follows is a game by game synopsis of why I believe the team will achieve a minimum of nine wins this season. If I were to move or up or down from that number, I would say that they are actually closer to the total of ten than eight.

Week one would seem to bring another young team on the rise in the Tampa Bay Bucs. The contest is on the road, but the environment is anything but hostile because the crowd is docile and the weather will be warm (win).

The boys return to Ford Field against a squad on the downturn. The likelihood that Jamal Charles will have a repeat performance is slim to none (win). Week three provides the first hiccup. There is always increased intensity intra-division and McNabb has something to prove once again (loss). Arlington will be another spot the team will trip up. It’s finally Tony Romo’s year to lead the Cowboys deeper into the playoffs (loss).

The stadium is already sold out for the Bears game on Monday Night Football. This atmosphere will provide the needed spark (win). The 49ers come in next and the team is on a short week. I don’t trust Alex Smith (win). Atlanta should win the division and will prove it in week seven (loss).

The most interesting things about the Broncos is the Tim Tebow saga. This is not a harbinger of success (win). Soldier Field is a daunting place in November and December (loss). Cam Newton will certainly have the reigns by now in Carolina. Rookie quarterbacks are rarely successful (win).

Thanksgiving brings in the Green Bay Packers. The national stage will be nothing new for America’s team, at least in the NFC. It won’t be enough (win). Bourbon Street and Sean Payton will prove to be too much for Detroit during its first December contest. The Lions will simply be outscored as Drew Brees carves up the secondary (loss).

The Vikings cannot sweep the series because the Lions have hit stride now in week fourteen. Playing inside in December will be an advantage for Detroit because they have a stronger aerial attack, but a weaker ground game (win). Oakland regresses because they don’t win every game in the AFC West this season (win). There will be an improved receiving corps in San Diego. This spells trouble in week sixteen (loss).

The New Year will offer some new choices for resolutions concerning the Lions play (loss). Green Bay is tremendous at exploiting weaknesses apparent on other squads. If I had to find an extra victory, it would come against the Vikings. Skeptical doesn’t begin to describe my feeling about this team.




  1. I appreciate the honest synopsis of Detroit’s season, however, the one thing that is not taken into consideration is the intangibles. The secondary is a weak link, but the defensive line is a huge strength. The only quarterbacks I have seen with the ability to consistently slow down a pass rush is Tom Brady and Drew Brees (and we saw how Tom Brady fared Saturday albeit preseason). With the focus and drive of the team and that defensive front in general, I add at least another win or two to that record. After all… this team is not built for moral victories (9-7 improved but not quite there). The feeling for them is playoffs or bust. I think the lions take that first game against Minnesota like you alluded to at the end, as well as the game against San Diego in an upset. Two reasons… one being the steady pass rush on Phillip Rivers causing a key arrid throw or two, and the Lions’ playmaker Matthew Stafford showing why the team has so much faith in him. It will come down to the wire, but in a battle of wills, the Lions will triumph 31-27 and finish 11-5.

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