Colts Owner Tweets: New Coach to be Named Next week



Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay seems to break a lot of news on his Twitter account. All season long, it was the source for breaking news on Peyton Manning health/potential future with the organization. And now the tweets tell us the Colts will have a new head coach in place next week.

Irsay made the announcement on his Twitter account Saturday.

Irsay’s tweet read: “The #1 pick debate will rage on,what a great year to have it..the HC search is wide ranging n thorough,decis

ion by mid 2 late next week.” (h/t AP)

The Colts fired coach Jim Caldwell Tuesday; a day after saying he would be retained. The team went to the Super Bowl during Caldwell’s first year, but finished a horrifying 2-14 this year. The day after they locked up the #1 overall draft pick, Irsay fired team vice chairman Bill Polian and his son, general manager Chris Irsay.

Yes, even his kid got canned. You heard rumors that the front office is considering hiring Jim Tressel for the head coaching position, given that he’s currently a consultant for the team. Those rumors have since been shot down. They have no “vested interest” in that.

Colts team drama even reached the status of Taiwanese Animation level last week.

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