Analyzing the Minnesota Vikings Depth Chart


The addition of Donovan McNabb and Michael Jenkins on the offensive side of the ball have been the two most notable positive amendments during the offseason. The most newsworthy departure is undoubtedly the exit by offensive lineman and consistent Pro Bowler Bryant McKinnie.

After taking a look at the depth chart on the team’s official site, it is puzzling to note that Joe Webb has taken a stronghold on the number two quarterback position. All the fans heard on draft day was how smart and crafty Christian Ponder was. It’s hard to fathom that we would be third at this time then if Cam Newton is starting in Carolina. The Auburn product couldn’t even name a play that he liked when prompted. I am shocked that there would be hyperbole surrounding a prospect on draft day!

Running back seems to be solidified with Toby Gerhart and Adrian Peterson. The latter is undoubtedly among the elite in the NFL and the former is a warrior with true grit. Peterson should take a peek at Tim McGraw’s character from Friday Night Lights prior to the opener, specifically his comments about holding on to the football. It has seemed to be the only chink in his armor during his illustrious career.

The aforementioned pick-up of Michael Jenkins solidifies a solid corps anchored by Bernard Berrian and Percy Harvin. McNabb will have plenty of offensive weapons so he will not have to hone in on only one player. In theory, this should make his season interception total very low.

Tight ends Visanthe Shiancoe and Jim Kleinsasser bring very different skill sets to the table, so their expertise is invaluable to the team depending on score, clock, and position on the field. Kleinsasser is the bull in a china shop while Shiancoe can catch the ball with the likes of Greg Olsen. I guess Mike Martz would want to get rid of him then if he was currently on the Bears roster. Heaven forbid a tight end with good hands.

The Bears and Vikings seem to be the two teams hurt the most in the NFC North by the kickoffs from five yards further. The dynamic explosiveness of their returners proved to be a big advantage in the past. The short field is a dream for any offense, especially ones with deficiencies. This is why I would replace Greg Camarillo as punt returner with Percy Harvin. I realize that it opens up further opportunity for injury, but he is most effective in the open field with the football. I don’t necessarily think that it matters whether the ball comes from a hand off, a pass, or a kick.

The end of the lockout and the Brett Favre drama are obviously two positive signs for the organization. It is, however, seemingly an organization without a direction. Are they rebuilding or on the cusp of a title? I would argue for the first option, but that doesn’t explain a quarterback in the twilight of his career and a running back in his prime.

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