San Antonio Spurs: advantages and disadvantages vs. 3 remaining teams



The San Antonio Spurs just seem to be unaffected by age. They also seem to have found the recipe for success and they can’t be outplayed by almost any opponent that gets to face them. This year is no different for Gregg Popovich and his group, which has managed to take the early lead against an Ibaka – less Oklahoma City Thunder.

But what are the big advantages the San Antonio Spurs have in comparison to the other three title contenders, who still remain alive in the postseason?

And what are their weaknesses?


Team chemistry is one of the most important advantages the San Antonio Spurs possess, in comparison to the rest of the competition. The core of the team, the Big Four, have been playing together for more than a decade and they can literally find one another with their eyes shut. Tony Parker and Tim Duncan have played the pick and roll thousands of times through their tenure in San Antonio and they know how to win games. The rest of the group has quickly adopted the Spurs’ playing style and now San Antonio can be fairly considered as one of the most bonded teams of all time.

Veteran experience is another significant aspect of this team. Although this might work as a double-edged sword, as with veteran experience comes wear and tear, the Spurs have those players who can step up and take over during clutch situations and they have more than one. Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili but even players like Boris Diaw and Danny Green can lead the team in some stretches and make the game – changing play.

The Spurs’ head coach, Gregg Popovich is one of the most respected coaches to ever pass from the NBA and he is now by far the longest tenured one in a single team. The 65 – year old coach has been on the wheel of the San Antonio Spurs since 1996, nearly two decades, so it’s obvious that he knows the recipe for success. The San Antonio Spurs, this particular group also has a champion’s heart. The Big four won three championships together and they have reached the NBA Finals four times.


When it comes to San Antonio’s disadvantages in comparison to the other three contenders, the Miami Heat, the Indiana Pacers and OKC, it’s obvious that the other three teams are much younger than the Spurs and the players they heavily rely on are in or just entering their primes. So, age could be a considered as the No.1 flaw of the Spurs in comparison to the rest of the competition. However, the Spurs manage to turn this disadvantage into their own favor by dragging their opponents into their own, slow rhythm of play. The Spurs play set offense and they do it perfectly while at the same time they take care of the ball. They finished at the top half of the league in turnovers per game and of course, they play world class defense.

Overall the San Antonio Spurs seem to be a favorite for the title this year.

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