NBA Draft/Off-Season Mailbag


The Sports Bank’s resident NBA Draft and off-season nerd David Kay answers your questions.

alex_pats- Bosh will be a Lakers, mark it down, sign & trade for Bynum

(DK) That was a hot rumor prior to the trade deadline and will be a dream scenario for the Lakers this off-season.  I will mark it down so I can see that it is wrong when this doesn’t happen.

Bosh wants to be the alpha dog wherever he goes.  He would have to agree to this sign-and-trade (in which a couple other contracts would have to be thrown in to even it out cap wise) which would be highly unlikely since he would joining a team that already has Kobe, Gasol, Odom, and Artest.  Yes, the allure of winning several titles with Lakers would be incredible, but from everything Bosh has said, he is more interested in going somewhere to be the star first and foremost which is why it is unlikely he will end up in the same spot as LeBron or Dwyane Wade.

hiero415-I don’t see how you continue to give the kings Wesley Johnson (in my 2010 NBA Mock Draft) when Demarcus cousins and Derrick favors are available. the kings are really high on omri casspi and he started most of the year until he got hurt and then hit the rookie wall. plus we have Donte Greene who also started for stretches and everyone likes he’s got length he’s a good and getting better man defender great athlete he’s been shooting the 3 a lot better. I really think those two have it locked down.

center on the other hand is a big need. we have no interior defense shotblocking or rebounding or even just a big physical body in the middle and Demarcus cousins provides all that and much more. he’s got elite size and is a pretty good athlete for how big he is. he’d be perfect for what the kings need and his inside game would be a better fit with tyreke. center and a big guy in the middle is really what we need. hawes has been a big disappointment. he’s shown attitude and character issues most notably this year when he was benched for a few games and put in the doghouse the rest of the year by westphal. plus his interior defense shotblocking and rebounding stink. his only plus side is his offense which is very inconsistent and far inferior to Carl landry. Thompson has been a solid player for us, he’s athletic and has shown flashes but is still really raw and gets way too many fouls and is mostly a role player who can rebound and come off the bench and provide energy. the kings also let it be known for basically the entire year that they were looking for a big.

so give the kings cousins or favors because unless we pick higher than 3rd that’s who we are getting.

(DK) in honor of this e-mail, i will not be using capital letters.

first off, you cannot argue that spencer hawes is not the answer at center because he has attitude and character issues and was in paul westphal’s doghouse, and then tell me you want demarcus cousins.  in case you didn’t watch a kentucky game this season, cousins got into a verbal spat with john calipari every game and his biggest flaw among nba gm’s has nothing to do with his game, but rather his tendency to be a hot head.

with that being said, I have wavered on who the kings should take if they pick third.  favors or cousins would certainly make sense to provide some rebounding and toughness inside but sacramento does have a plethora of forwards and post players on their roster and need some help in their backcourt.  yes, wesley johnson is not a true guard, but I think you could put him in the same backcourt as tyreke evans due to his versatility and ability to play and guard several positions.  You have to admit he would be a tough match-up at the two.  also, of the three prospects, i think johnson is the safest pick.  he is ready to play right away and is a great, great kid.  favors is still raw offensively and cousins’ character concerns are why I have the kings taking johnson, at least for now.  that could change in my next mock draft.

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Pete A.- What do the Hornets or Jazz do if they get the 1st overall pick?

(DK) Great question. Love where your head’s at.  And I am happy to be using proper grammar again.

Obviously, neither team needs John Wall considering the Hornets and Jazz have the top two point guards in the league.  New Orleans especially doesn’t need Wall after the tremendous rookie season from Darren Collison who filled in nicely when CP3 was hurt.

So that leaves two options for the Hornets and Jazz:
1- Hang on to the top pick and select Evan Turner or Derrick Favors.  New Orleans doesn’t really have a true long term answer on the wing and Turner’s play-making abilities would be a great addition alongside Paul.  Emeka Okafor and David West are the only post players they have under contract for next season and could use some depth.  The Jazz could use a wing player like Turner and risk losing Carlos Boozer to free agency so they could use an insurance policy like Favors.  Sorry, Cousins is too much of a risk to take at #1.

2- Trade down with a team who wants Wall a spot or two to ensure you grab one of the top players in the draft, and also add some assets like picks or cap space to help out long term.

If the Jazz win the lottery, I cannot wait to hear how upset Knicks fans are for losing out on Wall AND LeBron.


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