Minnesota Timberwolves to Select 2nd in the 2011 NBA Draft


The Minnesota Timberwolves will be drafting second in the June draft.

The Timberwolves entered the night with the highest probability of winning the lottery and earning the number one overall pick.

But as their luck would have it, the Wolves dropped a slot and were passed by Dan Gilbert and the Cleveland Cavaliers via the Las Angeles Clippers pick they received from the Mo Williams, Baron Davis deadline deal.

This is the eighth time in franchise history that the Wolves have moved back from where their record would suggest they should draft. And the 14th time they have been in the annual lottery. Each of their 14 previous times they have failed to select number one or even move up from their spot in the standings.

On the bright side for Timberwolves’ fans, second overall is the highest that the Wolves will have ever drafted in franchise history.

If the Wolves do in fact hold on to this pick—much speculation as been that they may move the pick in lieu of a young, proven veteran—their guy will be Arizona combo forward Derrick Williams.

While the names were being called it seemed bleak at best that the Wolves would crack even the top three. Both Cleveland and Utah moved into the top three from their lower position on the odds board.

But Toronto and Cleveland (with their own selection) went five then four respectively which allowed the Timberwolves and David Kahn to have their number one overall hopes continue into the commercial break.

Utah then received the third overall pick, before the blue from the Timberwolves logo (and that from the mood from Minnesota sports fans over the past 10 months) came out of the second overall envelope.

Cleveland (via the Clippers) then was awarded the number one overall pick.

Fans, bloggers, and experts alike will have over a month to dissect and analyze what the Wolves should do with the asset of the number two overall pick. Until then, keep this in mind…

The Timberwolves first round pick in 2012 is unprotected and will be owned by the Los Angeles Clippers no matter where the Timberwolves finish next season. The same 2012 draft that is rumored to have the deepest talent pool in recent history.

-Brett Cloutier

Brett is a contributor to The Sports Bank as beat writer for the Minnesota Timberwolves. You can follow Brett on Twitter @brettcloutier

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