The Minnesota Timberwolves 2011 Draft Recap

Entering the 2011 NBA Draft, the Minnesota Timberwolves had arguably more speculation and rumors than any other team in the league.

Would they trade the second pick? Would they keep the second pick? And if so would they take Arizona’s Derrick Williams, or reach on Kentucky (via Turkey) center Enes Kanter?

With the number two pick, it appears that the Wolves took the simplistic route. But as for their number 20 pick, simple was not in the vocabulary.

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Minnesota Timberwolves’ Options at Number Two: They Keep It

While the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks lit up the scoreboard Thursday night in game five of the NBA Finals. This Timberwolves fan couldn’t help but analyze the Wolves options with the number two pick in the upcoming June 23rd draft.

President and general manager David Kahn will have plenty of options with the aforementioned pick come draft night. Kahn having options may be a worse idea than Representative Anthony Weiner having facebook sex chats with a Las Vegas 40-year old blackjack dealer. (Ok, it may have been forced, but I was due for a Weiner joke.)

With a variety of options present for Kahn and company, I decided to break down their options in two parts. So here is part one of the Wolves options with the number two overall pick: They hold onto it.

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Minnesota Timberwolves to Select 2nd in the 2011 NBA Draft

The Minnesota Timberwolves will be drafting second in the June draft.

The Timberwolves entered the night with the highest probability of winning the lottery and earning the number one overall pick.

But as their luck would have it, the Wolves dropped a slot and were passed by Dan Gilbert and the Cleveland Cavaliers via the Las Angeles Clippers pick they received from the Mo Williams, Baron Davis deadline deal.

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2010 NBA Draft Western Conference Grades

DeMarcus Cousins Kings

Only one team in the Western Conference received a grade lower than a C-.  Can you guess which team it was?  Read this article by Peter Christian for an in-depth absolute bashing (and deservedly so) of what David Kahn did for the Timberwolves.  Click on the team name for individual player grades.

Check out my Eastern Conference grades.

Click here to see my NBA Draft Trades Analysis.

By: David Kay
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David Kahn is an Epic Failure

Minnesota Timberwolves President David Kahn

That headline might seem a bit harsh. It’s probably an understatement. If David Kahn was a movie he would be “Spiderman 3.” He had a huge opportunity to start this offseason with a bang to build a foundation for a team that needs to be wrapping it’s rebuild up, not continuing to deconstruct. In expected fashion, Kahn disappointed Timberwolves fans by giving them a night of scratching their heads, shaking their heads and screaming obscenities at his bad decisions.

By Peter Christian

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