Miami Heat 96, Chicago Bulls 85: Start Contemplating Doomsday Scenarios?



Remember Chicago Bulls fans, the Bulls haven’t lost three in a row all year. So this is not the apocalypse. That was Saturday; and you survived it. Things do look bad- really bad right now, but Thibs will make adjustments. Again this is not the apocalypse, it’s not even the 2pacalypse. But the tide has officially turned to Miami Heat favor

-Expect every game to be “grindy” and “ugly” from here on out, and that is very very lame because once a team has at a 8 point lead down the stretch- it’s over. An 8 pt lead in games like these is like a 16 point lead in a normal game. If the Bulls fall down 3-1 in game four, then yes the Bulls End of Days in 2011 will be here.

-When you hold Dwyane Wade and LeBron James to a combined 12-30 shooting, and LOSE? That’s alarming. It’s first of the seven seals of judgment day breaking alarming

NotaBULL quotaBULL Part 1:

Bulls Coach Tom Thibodeau on Kyle Korver‘s horrific shooting slump:

“As with all shooters, you look at the type of shots they are getting, and, you know, when he’s raising up to shoot, before the ball goes in, you ask yourself is that a good shot or bad shot?  So those are the same shots he’s made all year.  He’s proven he’s an excellent shooter.  If he’s open, we want him to take.

As with the entire team, there’s other things that he can do to help us.”

-So who was more full of it/bigger bust: Y2K or the May 21st Doomsday prophesy? Now how many times can the world end? Next year (the Mayans’ prediction of 12-21-2012) would be the third time in 20 years. Pick a day already! Quit teasing Kirk Cameron.

-So did the RAPTOR end up coming today like it was prophesized? Did the sky open up, and DeMar DeRozan emerge?

-It’s very easy to congratulate Carlos Boozer for FINALLY having a monster game in the playoffs (26 points, 17 rebounds), but then it’s also very easy to retract all that praise when you see what Chris Bosh, the man he’s supposed to defend, did: 34 points, 13-18 shooting.

-NotaBULL QuotaBULL Part 2:

Joakim Noah on the nasty stretch in game 2 where the Bulls were

“You know, that was a tough break for us.  Free?throws definitely kept them in the game in that second quarter.  They got a lot of scores on free?throws on that.  It’s just on us to be a little smarter.  And we can’t put them in the penalty early, especially with the offensive firepower that they’ve got.”

The end of the world has like a million synonyms: apocalypse, end of days, rapture, end times, judgement day, day of reckoning. is there any other concept/idea that has so many other names/words in the English language?

-So with the Game 3 loss in Miami, I can officially console you by saying “it’s not the end of the world, big guy”

-Seriously, maybe it was the RAPTOR, not the Rapture which was supposed to be coming 5-21-11! I fully expected to meet Andrea Bargnani at 6pm. Guess I missed him.

-It was good to see that Sammy Sosa no longer has Michael Jackson disease. When seated courtside, we saw that he’s no longer a middle-aged Caucasian man.

-I HATE HATE HATE HATE when Thibs says that “the defense concerns me more than the offense” He did it AGAIN after game 3, when the same problem was there (the obvious lack of offense) when he said it after game 2.

-I hate to Bankstrodamus again, but I did say Heat in 6 when the season started.

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