Heat 101, Bulls 93 in OT: Miami up 3-1, at least we have Closure

You may be asking yourself “why the hell does a picture of John Cusack (or more specifically Lloyd Dobler in “Say Anything”) lead off an article recapping game 4 of the Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat Eastern Conference Finals?” And it’s not because Cusack is from Chicago. Well partially.

It really is because game four was all about heartbreak, and doing absolutely everything you possibly can, trying your damnest, yet still realizing- it’s over. In other words, the essence of Dobler, or the type of characters Cusack is best known for. Yes, I know he always gets the girl in the end, and yet the Bulls actually won’t find the feeling of true love that a NBA Finals trip would bring. However, what was so painful about that game, is what’s also the most painful part of break-ups- the not knowing; the lack of closure.

Now we do.

We knew heading into tonight that this Bulls team could NEVER beat the Heat three in a row. That’s the task in front of them now. Meaning it’s over. Maybe not in the next game, maybe not even until game 7, but it’s done. Officially. You have closure, you can move on to the NBA Draft, or White Sox or Cubs season now.

Paul M. Banks explains why:

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Miami Heat 96, Chicago Bulls 85: Start Contemplating Doomsday Scenarios?


Remember Chicago Bulls fans, the Bulls haven’t lost three in a row all year. So this is not the apocalypse. That was Saturday; and you survived it. Things do look bad- really bad right now, but Thibs will make adjustments. Again this is not the apocalypse, it’s not even the 2pacalypse. But the tide has officially turned to Miami Heat favor

-Expect every game to be “grindy” and “ugly” from here on out, and that is very very lame because once a team has at a 8 point lead down the stretch- it’s over. An 8 pt lead in games like these is like a 16 point lead in a normal game. If the Bulls fall down 3-1 in game four, then yes the Bulls End of Days in 2011 will be here.

-When you hold Dwyane Wade and LeBron James to a combined 12-30 shooting, and LOSE? That’s alarming. It’s first of the seven seals of judgment day breaking alarming

NotaBULL quotaBULL Part 1:

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