Measuring the Odds and Results of NBA Betting



Watching basketball is popular in Australia. People who place NBA bets are more involved in the game than spectators. Due to its popularity, many sites like Sportsbet NBA offer odds and results before the game starts. Here we have discussed how to read the odds published before the games.

Understanding Odds

Odds can be defined as a chance of something happening or not happening. If you look at the odds on a betting page or a website, you will have several questions. To measure the odds, you need to understand how lines are set up and how numbers relate. You need to understand some critical things like over/under, Moneyline, point spread, and rotation number.

No matter which betting site you refer to, the NBA odds will be listed in a more or less similar manner. Some betting odds will place Team A over Team B while some will place Team B on Team A. The first listed team is the visitor and the second listed team is the home club.

You need to also look at the date and time of the game listed on the far left. On the right, you can see the name of the teams that are playing. Between the name of the teams and date and time, you will see the best rotation numbers.

How to Read the Lines?

The lines are read from left to right, starting from date and time, rotation numbers, and teams. It establishes which game you are going to bet. The numbers that appear on the right side of the team name are actual odds of the game. To the right of the game, you will find point spread, Moneyline, and over/under.

Point Spread – it is designed to make bettors’ task tough. Due to a broad point spread, it is hard for bettors to even out the odds and choose the game’s right outcome. The spreads in betting work in a specific manner.

For example, the underdog has a negative number, and the favourite team has a positive number. If you bet on the favourite team, you win if the team wins outright or loses by two or less. If you bet on the underdog, you will win if the team wins by three or more.

The spread is generally expressed in decimals or fractions on the platforms like Sportsbet NBA. This approach prevents tie on the spread, which will result in all money returned to the bettors.

Understanding Advanced Stats

The true shooting percentage plays a vital role in the win. The field goal percentage is often misleading stats of the NBA players. Evaluating NBA players on their shooting percentage or betting on the field goal percentage are old betting methods that don’t work.

When measuring NBA games results, you need to consider other factors like turnover ratio, pace factor, rebound rate, and free throw rate of both teams.

To start NBA betting, you need to understand the difference between probability and odds. They both are fundamentally linked and give you an idea of the chances of what is happening and what is not happening.


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