Three Pro Athletes That Had Horrible Gambling Addictions


Here, we take a look at three professional, very successful athletes who have struggled for some time with gambling addictions. Unfortunately, gambling addiction is not uncommon among professional athletes. While many athletes enjoy such activities from time to time, this hobby may turn into an issue before it becomes a full-blown gambling addiction. This leads to other issues primarily financial problems that stem from an urge to invest money in gambling activities despite being aware of the risks.

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Professional athletes are not immune to such issues and this is especially true for John Daly, Michael Jordan, and Pete Rose. Before we discuss this further, consider turning to CrushingCasinos New Zealand that brings you expert guides on various types of online casino games, reviews on online casinos, and even great tips and tricks for staying on the right track and taking care of your bankroll. Now, let’s see how and when great John Daly, Michael Jordan, and Pete Rose gambled thousands on gambling.

  • John Daly – professional golfer, winner of the PGA Championship 1991
  • Michael Jordan – professional basketball player, won six championships
  • Pete Rose – professional baseball player, winner of three World Series rings


John Daly

Many professional athletes struggle or have struggled with a gambling addiction and one of them is John Daly. Born in 1966, John Daly is a professional golfer with eighteen professional wins, one PGA Championship title won in 1991, and numerous other successes. In addition to winning the PGA Championship 1991, Daly is also known for winning pro events in Canada, Turkey, South Korea, Germany, and Scotland.

After retiring from playing golf professionally, the legendary golfer focused on writing and recording music. Back in 2006, John Daly revealed to the public that he has struggled with a notorious gambling addiction. In his autobiography, he revealed that he has lost between $50 and $60 million over a period of fifteen years between 1991 and 2007. Daly also revealed that he lost over $1.6 million in several hours back in 2006. When compared to other pro athletes with the same gambling issues, Daly has lost the most.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan or great MJ is another highly successful professional athlete born in 1963. Today, he is the owner of the NBA Charlotte Hornets while back in the day, he won six championships with his team Chicago Bulls. Dubbed as the greatest basketball player, Michael Jordan’s amazing game has helped with the popularization of the biggest basketball league in the world and inspired thousands of people beyond basketball to great success.

However, after his retirement, Air Jordan turned to gambling. He revealed that one night back in 1993 he gambled $165,000 at a casino in Atlantic City. He also admitted that he used to gamble on everything including golf matches, card games, and classic table games. It is also not uncommon for MJ to participate in high-stakes gambling activities with other pro athletes including Charles Barkley.


Pete Rose

We can complete this article without mentioning Pete Rose. Born in 1941, the legendary Pete Rose is a professional baseball player who played in MLB (Major League Baseball) from 1963 up to 1986. He is also known as one of the Cincinnati Reds managers. During his fruitful career, Pete Rose won three batting titles, three World Series Rings, two Gold Gloves, among many other titles. Several years after retiring, Pete Rose was included on the permanently ineligible list after it was revealed that he had wagered on baseball while actively playing and leading the Cincinnati Reds.

It was also revealed that Rose gambled around $10,000 daily back in 1987 and many believed that he wagered against the Cincinnati Reds even though no evidence was ever found. As a result of his gambling addiction, one of the greatest baseball players of all time was banned from the Baseball Hall of Fame and he is the only player on the ineligible list.

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