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The NBA season is one week in and already those fans that play fantasy basketball are working the waiver wires to find some early season free agent steals.   And like Ron Burgundy’s decision to jump in the bear pit and save Veronica Corningstone, you are trying to rid your rosters of picks you immediately regret making. Every Tuesday, we will drop by with tips on which players to pick up and which to waive to make your fantasy team better.

By: David Kay

Roy Hibbert, C, Pacers
Hibbert has been huge through three games averaging 18.3 points, 10 rebounds, 4.3 assists, and 2.7 blocks per game.  If Hibbert went undrafted and nobody has picked him up yet, stop reading this right now and go add him to your team.

Wilson Chandler, SF/PF, Knicks
I was really high on Danilo Gallinari heading into this season and took him pretty high in my draft; a decision that is biting me in the butt.  It has been Chandler making a huge impact on the wing, not Gallinari.  Chandler is averaging 21 points and 10 boards through three games.  If someone has not jumped on him, you should.

Nicolas Batum, SF, Blazers

Batum went undrafted in my league so it is possible he is still available in yours.  He is an all-around talent who will help you in every category.  The Blazers love his potential and should be a vital part of what they hope to accomplish this season.

James Jones, SF, Heat
Bringing to the Heat offense what the injured Mike Miller was supposed to, Jones leads the league in three pointers and has capitalized on his open looks from the perimeter as defenses collapse when LeBron and Wade attack the basket. If you are in a deep league or need a three-point shooter, Jones would be a good pick-up until Miller returns which is not supposed to be until the new year.

Shelden Williams, PF, Nuggets
Need a rebounder?  Here is your guy.  I would be shocked if he was taken in your draft unless you have a die-hard Nuggets or Duke fan that snagged him.  He is starting over Al Harrington and Kenyon Martin will not be back for quite some time so Williams is a solid pick-up even though he does not score a lot or shoot a great percentage from the field.


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