Sixers trade Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen to Pacers for Danny Granger


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The Twitter account of Evan Turner used to include this in its description: “not a business man, but a business; man!”

Yes, the #2 overall pick in the 2010 NBA Draft truly embodies that legendary Jay-Z prose as he was part of a huge business deal done today. We knew Evan Turner was being dealt today, but it was thought that he’d be headed to San Antonio or Charlotte

Turner was sent from Philadelphia along with Lavoy Allen to Indiana in exchange for Danny Granger. It is being reported by Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo.




This deal doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for Indiana. They are hitting their stride and looking really good. The Pacers are the team to beat during this NBA regular season. I guess Danny Granger wasn’t fitting in. He probably won’t stay in Philly for long as he’s an expiring contract. Overall the deal seems like a loss for the Pacers and it’s hard to figure out why they would do this. Especially when they didn’t need to, and said they weren’t going to deal Granger.

Danny Granger

We know that Philadelphia was going to blow things up, and they had to trade Evan Turner, their leading scorer. He was the blue with the most trade value of anyone on the Sixers. Evan Turner does have talent, it’s just that he hasn’t lived up to it so far. However, in evaluating this trade in terms of upside, maybe Evan Turner actually has more long term upside than Danny Granger. Even though it takes him 16 shots a game to score 17 points per game.

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