Derrick Rose buys $2.7 million 84th floor condo; now neighbors with Patrick Kane



Talk about the top of the Chicago food chain. It seems Chicago Bulls franchise player Derrick Rose and his counterpart on the Blackhawks (although technically Jonathan Toews is the better/more important player) now live in the same building.

And not just any building: Chicago’s most recently built skyscraper of skyscrapers, Trump Tower. Rose just bought himself a $2.7 million crib on the 84th floor with a southside downtown view.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times “Hot Corner,

Through a telescope, Rose could even watch kids from the old neighborhood play a pickup game at the Murray Park court where he got his start.

“Derrick had a choice on the view. He could have looked northeast, and those units are available, but I think he has an affinity for the South Side,” said Andrew Glatz, president of Chicago-based brokerage Crown Heights Realty. “Before a game, Derrick is going to be able to look out and see the city. Perfect views of the ‘Madhouse on Madison.’ It’s the kind of view that will really get him pumped up.”

Rose’s neighbor Blackhawks star Patrick Kane can vouch for that, Glatz says.

“Patrick Kane has a $100,000 sound system, and he blasts music and looks at the view before home games, and he says that really gets him going,” said Glatz, who has sold several top-floor condos in Trump Tower.

patrick kane shirtless

When you make $20 million a year from the Bulls, and you just signed a $200,000,000 deal with Adidas, $2.7 million is not a big deal at all.

How cool would it be to live in the same domicile as the former #1 overall picks? The major stars of Chicago winter sports. A lot cool because it means you’re very rich if can truthfully say that. You’d get to tell your friends “hey the NBA MVP lives in my building, but I never see him there because he’s always at the gym working on his game/conditioning.”

Or you could tell them “yeah it’s so funny late at night to see Kaner stumble in drunk late at night (allegedly).”

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