VIDEO: John Oliver parodies Chicago Bulls pregame intros



John Oliver struck gold again last night. Before we get to him, we need to remind the reader of the origination of this segment. The Chicago Bulls were THE FIRST NBA team to dim their lights and play loud pump-up music during the introduction of the starting lineup at home games.

Other teams around the league soon followed suit. Then it spilled over into other sports. During the Bulls’ dynasty, the player introductions became world famous. Thousands of weddings during the early and mid ’90s ripped off the Bulls intro when trotting out the bridal party.


Last night Oliver borrowed it.

The HBO program “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” did a piece on the rapid prolifer.ation of Japan Mascots. There are mascots for Japanese cities and public works. So John Oliver created American versions. He introduced them to the Bulls song everyone knows and loves, The Alan Parsons Project’s “Sirius.”

Have a watch below:

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  1. No other introduction in sports can touch this

  2. Charley Davis says

    It will be better next year when the introductions conclude with . . .
    from Marquette . . . Dywane Wade!

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