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The Washington Wizards begin life anew without their star (and future potential jailbird) Gilbert Arenas. They next head to Chicago, to take on a Bulls team coming off a big win in Boston and riding a three game win streak. Stay right here to keep up with what goes down at the United Center tonight.

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Bulls lead Wiz 16-13, 5:52 left in the 1st quarter.

Kirk Hinrich is looking like his 2005 self- when he had an offensive game. That’s abandoned him these past couple years. He’s had a 3 and nice drive to the whole- 7 quick points.

There’s been a lot of puns and jokes the media room about: “shooting, shots, gunning, firepower, artillery, weapons” etc. in the basketball sense of course. Can you guess which player these jokes have been about? One pun we won’t be using tonight (at least it doesn’t look it so far) is “The Rise of Taj” Taj Gibson is getting schooled on both ends of the floor by Antawn Jamison.

22-19 Washington 2:32 left in first

Don’t sleep on the Wizards. With Gilbert out they actually play defense now. sometimes.

Oberto is a brand of beef jerky right? He has some good tats, he should get the jerky brand’s corporate logo tattooed next.

Sitting courtside press row does indeed spoil you from all other game attending experiences. Only at this level can you truly appreciate the depth of DeShawn Stevenson’s beard.

Bulls led 26-24 after 1. up 34-31 now with 6:30 left in half.

Derrick Rose has had a couple nice drives here. and is tied with Hinrich for team lead in 9 points. Noah had 5 boards, but Wizards lead 43-41 2:24 left in half.

some drunk dude in the courtside section to my right has been yelling Sarah Kustok’s name. She’s sitting the next row over. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that he doesn’t actually know Sarah, and he’s just some idiot.

1.1 sec left in half Washington up 48-47

Benny the Bull (the mascot) came over during the timeout and sat in the Trib reporter’s seat, pretended to type on his computer, and write on his notepad. It was classic.

Nice 5 point swing here. The Wizards had a 3 pt lead, but D Rose has really turned it up now the Bulls are up by 3. You know how people have shortened nick names for their team names? I’ll use another D.C. team as an example The Redskins are often referred to as “The Skins” For the Wizards, the only thing you have is The Wiz…which is the exact name of a 70s blaxploitation (I have no clue what that term means, I just hear it all the time for movie made in that era starring African-Americans) version of the Wizard of Oz. Starring Diana Ross, Michael Jackson and Nipsey Russell

Earl Boykins checked back in. He really is taller than Mugsy Bogues, but shorter than Spud Webb. There I just named the best 3 players of this generation’s NBA who were under 5’8″. Boykins chased a loose ball past the baseline here, and I got to see myself on tv finally. They have the monitors with the broadcast her at press row.

tied at 90, 4:30 to go

Vinny calls a timeout, of course, he did it a possession too late, now they’re down and D.C. ignited.

Derrick Rose is really doing a good job getting to the rim tonight. ATTACKING THE TIN as Bill Raftery would say

Noah is on his way to a double double, Rose has 17 and the Bulls possess a 5 pt deficit with just under 11 min to go in the game.

Bulls were up 1 after an awesome Rose pull up jumper that got the crowd very excited!

ROSE that was COLD-BLOODED!!! Holla!

OVA Bulls win 121-119 2OT you kidding me?

This was like the Celtics series all over again

But Stevenson answered on the other end for Was. getting tense here 102 all with 40 sec left

5 sec left, tied at 104. I’ll be back after post game pressers, interviews.

And rest assured there will be Flipshare vids of dancing Luvabulls posted on YouTube and The Sports Bank at some point this weekend!

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