Bulls Derrick Rose appearing on pizza boxes now: photo



The Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose may not be appearing on an NBA basketball court, at least in a game action any time soon, but he is appearing on pizza boxes. The Bulls Derrick Rose, pizza do I need to throw in the Blues Brothers somehow just so you can have all the Chicago stereotypes in one place?

Chicago based pizza chain Giordano’s (every time tourists visit me going to Giordano’s is near the top of their list) now has the 2011 NBA MVP on the top of their containers. So watch the Bulls with a nice hot pizza, and a glaring reminder of who’s not playing in the game you’re watching.

Will Derrick Rose come back this year?


Well he is doing more activities with the team, but here’s more on whether Rose will return this year.

By, the way this isn’t the first time I’ve witnessed the pizza joint/star point guard promotion thing. When I was in b school at Michigan State, Mateen Cleaves was at the height of his power. And there was a hole in the wall pizza place that offered the “Mateen meal combo.”

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