Tigers Jim Leyland has Loses it over Detroit Talk Radio Questioning (Audio)


I think Leyland has a point this time, Mr. Joyce

One of the most important things you have to learn when you work in any enterprise that invites public criticism is- don’t fire back. Stay above the fray. Let the meatheads and idiots have their say. And even the intelligent with well-reasoned critiques, let it go. Remember you’re the one on stage, they’re watching you, meaning you automatically have the higher ground.

I learned that the hard way with the whole Iowa Hawkeyes drug scandal thing. Just an hour ago, I saw a horribly defamatory comment in moderation on this site. It had a lot of curse words and insults, and brought nothing to the table of discussion. I simply deleted it and moved on. The Bulls Joakim Noah should have remembered that lesson Sunday night, he’s a better person than what he did.

And the Detroit Tigers Jim Leyland, a Mt. Rushmore of MLB manager is better than this too.

When 97.1 The Ticket’s Jeff Riger asked Leyland about the fans’ most recent round of questioning, Leyland didn’t hold back. Here’s audio of his recent meltdown. h/t It’s Always Sunny in Detroit.


  1. Horace Bowers says

    Great job Jim and if the others can’t deal with it then they need to get a life.

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