Tigers Jim Leyland has Loses it over Detroit Talk Radio Questioning (Audio)

I think Leyland has a point this time, Mr. Joyce

One of the most important things you have to learn when you work in any enterprise that invites public criticism is- don’t fire back. Stay above the fray. Let the meatheads and idiots have their say. And even the intelligent with well-reasoned critiques, let it go. Remember you’re the one on stage, they’re watching you, meaning you automatically have the higher ground.

I learned that the hard way with the whole Iowa Hawkeyes drug scandal thing. Just an hour ago, I saw a horribly defamatory comment in moderation on this site. It had a lot of curse words and insults, and brought nothing to the table of discussion. I simply deleted it and moved on. The Bulls Joakim Noah should have remembered that lesson Sunday night, he’s a better person than what he did.

And the Detroit Tigers Jim Leyland, a Mt. Rushmore of MLB manager is better than this too.

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