The Yohawk Mohawk & Baseball Beards


There’s hair on the chinny, chin, chin of a number of Milwaukee Brewers players.  And the team’s ace-in-the-making Yovani Gallardo is sporting a mohawk.  What’s with the hair extraordinaire? That didn’t throw Tuesday night’s game for Gallardo, did it?

 “No, it’s not that,” says Gallardo.  “Can’t blame it on that.  Can’t blame it on anybody but yourself.”

 If anything, new hairstyles and facial hair seem to be good luck charms. Prince Fielder has let his beard grow a bit longer than we’ve seen in weeks past. George Kotteras has a nice, full beard. John Axford’s token mustache has grown so long, it has surpassed the Rollie Fingers’ curl and curved down towards the chin. Corey Hart also hasn’t touched his full beard.

By: Melissa S. Wollering


All in all, while we haven’t seen published pictures, Gallardo’s latest haircut looks pretty dapper.  Hart says the Yohawk Mohawk, could be the next big thing.

“I see more beards,” said Hart.  “You might see more mohawks now.  I don’t know if I could pull it off.”

Hart says some players associate superstitions with the way they wear their hair.  Some make a pact to never shave.  Others save their heads when they reach certain milestones.  But Hart says no one is touching his flowing mane—not yet, anyway.

“I’m trying to do the [Tim] Lincecum,” said Hart. “Get the hair going everywhere.  I’m keeping it shaggy.  This is the longest I’ve it in a while so I might keep it until the end of the season and have it really big.”

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