Yankees GM Brian Cashman to Scale Skyscraper for Holiday Event


New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman is known to be quite the character. It’s well documented that he loves to play practical jokes and pranks on his Yankees co-workers. But what he’s got planned next is no laughing matter; it’s pure daredevil.

Cashman will take a break (well, now with the Major League Baseball lockout in effect, I guess everybody is off) from the Hot Stove League top focus on a special holiday event this weekend. It’s a really ballsy one too.

Cashman and Adam Klotz, Fox News Channel Meteorologist will rappel from the one of Stamford, Connecticut’s tallest buildings, the Landmark Building. If you don’t know what “rappel” means, it’s basically the opposite of climbing.

It’s scaling a building, but going down, not up. This event will be broadcast live on FOX News Channel, “FOX & Friends.” Yes, it absolutely PAINS us to promote that channel, one that has destroyed American society as much, if not more than anything in television history. But alas, FNC is televising it, so we must begrudgingly mention their network.

This is just the practice run! On Sunday, Brian Cashman will rappel again, this time with Santa Claus and friends, at 5pm. It’s all part of Heights & Lights, a Christmas celebration that will include the tree lighting, ziplining and yuletide singers.

Indeed, it’s Christmastime in the city. Stamford is a suburb, and we’re not talking about Manhattan here, but we’re sure it’ll be amazing nonetheless. Good luck Brian Cashman, you’re much braver than we are!

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