East Coast Earthquake Shakes Cleveland Indians game with Seattle Mariners



Breaking news of the day is the East Coast Earthquake that rocked the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. Epicentered in Mineral, Virginia the 5.9 quake was felt in places as far away as Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and New York. And Cleveland, during today’s Indians matinee versus the Seattle Mariners.

According to MSNBC, during the 1pm ct hour broadcast.

“also in Cleveland, shockwaves from the earthquake there forced the major league baseball game between the Indians and the Mariners, there were some concerns there in the stadium. People were on standby, for a possible evacuation. There was not an official evacuation, but there was some concern that they would have to evacuate the stadium.”

The official Mariners Twitter account tweeted this:

“all shook up…earthquake appears to be shaking Indians pressbox in Cleveland.”

And this tweet verified the impact felt at Progressive Field:

KrisKetzKris Ketz

RT @CBSAndrew: AP reports “shockwaves from an earthquake” made press box sway during game in Cleveland this aft between Indians and Mariners

Play resumed, and the game is currently in progress.

Breaking news from Citizens for a Legitimate Government:

Capitol, Pentagon Evacuated After Earthquake Hits Washington, DC–6.0 Magnitude earthquake in DC felt in New York, North Carolina, Connecticut, Delaware, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan. Manhattan buildings have been evacuated. The earthquake was centered in Charlottesville, VA. Union Station in Washington, DC, has been evacuated. The earthquake was felt in Martha’s Vineyard, where President Obama is vacationing.

And this comes at a time when Hurricane Irene looks destined to be the first hurricane to hit the United States in three years. Irene could be a category 4 storm by Thursday; where it would slam into Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas and possibly Virginia. So yes, the commonwealth could get hit by two natural disasters in the same week.

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