Photos, Videos of Wreckage from Virginia Earthquake 2011

Check out these 20 pics of some of the carnage inflicted yesterday by the 5.8 on the richter scale earthquake in Virginia yesterday. (We all need a good laugh) And the video from the Quake. The damage may be nothing, but the video shows it’s nothing to sneeze at.

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Virginia Earthquake, Hurricane Irene, but No Lake Erie Tsunami: Browns are Safe

Despite what you have heard, there is no tsunami expected for Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, or Georgian Bay. The Lake Erie tsunami warning rumor got a lot of traction on Twitter today, but luckily for the city of Cleveland, and the Browns, whose home is located right on the lake shore, it’s not a legitimate concern.

Despite all the sick jokes and juvenile tweets you’ve heard on Twitter, Colt McCoy’s home stadium is safe from flood and raging waters.

The east coast earthquake that rocked the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. Epicentered in Mineral, Virginia the 5.9 quake was felt in places as far away as Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and New York. And Cleveland, during today’s Indians matinee versus the Seattle Mariners.

There was not an official evacuation at Progressive Field, but there was some concern that they would have to evacuate the stadium.

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East Coast Earthquake Shakes Cleveland Indians game with Seattle Mariners


Breaking news of the day is the East Coast Earthquake that rocked the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. Epicentered in Mineral, Virginia the 5.9 quake was felt in places as far away as Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and New York. And Cleveland, during today’s Indians matinee versus the Seattle Mariners.

According to MSNBC, during the 1pm ct hour broadcast.

“also in Cleveland, shockwaves from the earthquake there forced the major league baseball game between the Indians and the Mariners, there were some concerns there in the stadium. People were on standby, for a possible evacuation. There was not an official evacuation, but there was some concern that they would have to evacuate the stadium.”

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Most Annoying, Disgusting Cleveland Indians Fan in the World (Video)


This is someone’s mom. That’s a frightening fact. Ideally, you’d want the prime specimens of the gene pool reproducing; not the skimming from it.

You can see this Cleveland Indians fan’s daughter hiding her face in shame as the MILTPITF (mom I’d like to punch in the face) tries to rile up the crowd. At least this fan has her looks (uhm ok maybe not) to fall back on. Well, at least her looks match her personality, intelligence, class and self-awareness
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White Sox Back in AL Central Division Race- OMG! Are you Serious?


During the infamous “White Flag trade” in early August of 1997, Chicago White Sox Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf was infamously quoted “any one who thinks this team can catch the Cleveland Indians is crazy.” Given that the Sox were just 3.5 back of the division leaders from Ohio, with 7 weeks left in the season, it INFURIATED White Sox fans.

And it should; they conceded their season with more than enough baseball left to be played. The Cleveland Indians started 30-15; they’ve been just 4-14 since. And it’s very likely they’ll get another beat down from the New York Yankees again tonight.

The White Sox by contrast were 11-21, .344 pct. 11.5 games out, and the worst team in baseball on Cinco de Mayo. In the games since then, they’re 22-14, and now find themselves in the exact same position as they were on the day of the white flag trade 14 years ago, 3.5 behind first place Cleveland.

By Paul M. Banks

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Indians Justin Masterson in a Pitching Slump?

Justin Masterson is 0-3 in his past four starts with a 4.78 ERA and a 1.44 WHIP.
.He has not been as effective, but the Cleveland Indians offense isn’t being as helpful either. In his first six starts the Tribe averaged 6.3 runs. In his past five starts they’ve averaged just 1.6 runs. No matter how well you pitch, it’s hard to win when your team’s bats go silent.
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Cleveland Indian Shin-Soo Choo’s on-field problems, DUI solved with a hug.

Indian's Shin-Soo Choo

Quick question: Before the season started, who had the Cleveland Indians atop the A.L. Central, leading the league in run differential and seemingly trading back and forth daily with the Philadelphia Phillies for the best record in baseball by mid-May?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  Just about everything has been clicking for the Tribe as of late, but amidst the fanfare and joy that only the best home start since 1901 can bring, it seems there is one Indian who has yet to join the party:  Shin-Soo Choo.

By: Jeff Beck

Photosource: Keith Allison

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Why the Cleveland Indians’ Early Success Will Continue in 2011


The most surprising team in baseball, the Cleveland Indians (22-10), are still tied for the best record in the MLB. Few analysts believed the Tribe would stand a chance in 2011, and almost none believed the Tribe would lead the AL Central. Despite this, the pesky Indians continue to find ways to win.

For an explanation of why this early success will NOT continue go here (Only after 8:11 AM CT on 5/9/11- when link goes live)

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Cleveland Indians drummer sets standard for fans

Cleveland Indians Drummer Guy

John Adams has been a staple in Cleveland for longer than any player on the Indians roster. In fact, he’s been a staple longer than Progressive Field has existed in Cleveland, even before it used to be called Jacob’s Field. For decades, Adams has pounded the same drum from the left field bleachers, game in and game out. He represents the most notable, passionate fan in Major League Baseball, and all other Cleveland fans should take a cue.

On April 27, in the Indians 7-2 win over the Royals, Adams attended his 3000th game as the Tribe drummer. To put that into perspective, if he was a player, Adams would place 9th all time in career games, behind such legends as Pete Rose, Ty Cobb, and Cal Ripken Jr. In fact, in 36 years, Adams has missed just 37 games.

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Can these Indians Change a Half-Century of Cleveland Losing?

Cleveland Indians Drummer Guy

Okay really, let’s give some love to the Cleveland Indians.

Correction, I meant the first place Cleveland Indians.

You read it right, the Indians sit atop the AL Central Division standings with an 11-4 record, comfortably ahead of the White Sox, Tigers and Twins.

Still, saying the words “first place” and “Cleveland” in the same sentence are almost laughable in the sports world and rightfully so. The city, which has three professional sports teams in the Indians, the Browns of the NFL and the Cavaliers of the NBA, has not won a major pro sports championship since 1964, when the Browns won the NFL title and that was before the Super Bowl era.

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Despite Doubts, Cleveland Indians Offense Poised to Carry Team


Cleveland Indians fans have heard the same arguments again and again: Travis Hafner is past his prime, none of the young players have developed, and the Indians offense will be one of the weakest in the MLB. It may be early in the season, but thus far, the Indians have shown that their offense has the potential to be far more potent than a anticipated.

Hafner appears to have regained some of his old swagger in the early games this season. Though his production last season was far below his bloated salary’s worth, he managed to hit .278 with 13 home runs and 50 RBI’s, not completely terrible production. As he had a slow start last season, most of those numbers came as the year progressed, and thus far Pronk has brought that momentum into 2011. He is tied for the team lead in home runs, batting average, and hits, going 7 for his first 19. His production this season has already likely outdone what most fans and experts expected from him.

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