Some Cubbies Ramblings During a Deep Freeze


Hello again, everybody. We are a week removed from the Cubs Convention, and like they say, there is never really an off-season when the hot stove is sizzling.

More moves, more thoughts, more rumors, and more pontificating from the masses … just another week for the Cubs.

It is cold in Chicago. When it was 20 degrees warmer it is was freezing. Now it is mind numbing, bone-chilling ridiculousness.

So, with all that said, let’s ramble a little bit. Let’s just have the random stream of consciousness coming flying out on paper, or more accurately, an electronic screen.

By: Brian McCabe

• So long Gorzo. Good luck in the nation’s Capital near the Capitol building. See what I did there … I know, very clever.

• I really think Zambrano has a big year. He has to. He will be 30 on June 1st so he wants another contract.

• No, I do not believe he will really retire. I would be shocked. If he pitches well for two years, he will get another nice contract. And he will get it if he performs. His past performance will scare teams even if he has one good year.

• He needs two good years. Watch him perform.


• Is the Ashton Kutcher thing ever going to end? I mean, he seems like a nice guy. He is a Bears fan. But, seriously, does he have a discernible talent? Other than Demi?

• If you don’t watch Modern Family, well, you are dumb. So, to solve that, you should watch Modern Family.


• Please trade Fukudome. Just do it. He means nothing to the future of this team. It is an absolute waste having him.

• And no, I do not care about the money. Give him away if you have to.

• Cashner, Castro, Colvin … say it with me, Cashner, Castro, Colvin. I felt like I was being brainwashed at the Convention.


• Matt Garza wins 17 games.

• Would you be happy if he did? YES. There is no other answer than yes. If you feel differently, you must explain.

• Cashner, Castro, Colvin

Carlos Pena will hit 29 homeruns. That is the over/under. Tell me your thoughts on that below. I want to see where the vote comes in.

• Okay, batting average vote … who will have the highest batting average? I vote for Aramis. He has a $16 million club option for 2012. He is going to need a .300+, 30+ HR, 90+ RBI season for the Cubs to even THINK about picking that up.

• And if he wants a solid contract from anyone else, he will need very good numbers. He looked old last year. He needs to pick it up to fatten his wallet. And when that is the case, it normally happens.

• Think Javy Lopez.

• Better yet, think Adrian Beltre. Man, he swindled the Rangers. The Ballpark at Arlington will help, but ask any Mariners fan what they think of him.

• So, here is how I really feel about the Cubs:

• If somebody told me the Bears would lose 56-0, but the Cubs would make the playoffs, I would thoroughly enjoy every single Aaron Rodgers touchdown pass.

• If somebody told me that Notre Dame would lose 20 football games in a row, but the Cubs would win a playoff series, I would start loving Michigan and USC.

• I love this team so much. Like a girl or two from my past, I just can’t quit them.

• No matter what happens, no matter what they do, I will always love the Cubs. Nothing will ever change that.

Sorry for that insane, illogical, scary and idiotic rambling. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

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