How to Store and Protect Your Cubs Throwback Jerseys 


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Baseball is definitely a memorabilia sport; from baseball uniforms to collectible sports cards, what could be a passion purchase today may become a valued treasure in the future. While most Chicago baseball fans love to collect Cubs Throwback Jerseys to wear at home and away games, some people will choose to store their authentics and replicas that honor players from years gone by.

To honor your favorite baseball players by wearing one of many styles of Cubs throwback jerseys that are now available, you will want store, clean, and protect these clothing items so that they stay in pristine condition and the colors don’t fade. 


Here are some tips for storing and protecting collectible garments:

Keep it Clean

Unless you’re following the superstitious tradition of not cleaning sports jerseys as a way to guarantee a win for your team, the best way to keep a jersey around for the next generation is to keep it clean! No matter how many losses the Chicago Cubs can endure, a sports jersey with ingrained dirt, sand, food, beverages, and sweat will deteriorate faster than one that is properly cared for.

Wash all your sports jerseys together if possible, in warm water using a neutral laundry detergent. Avoid dry cleaning and avoid using the dryer on your Cubs throwback jerseys to protect the fibers from damage.

Protect it Well

If you’re lucky enough to get your throwback jersey signed by the actual player, then your item moves up into the sports collectible world. To retire your throwback jersey and keep it in mint condition, the best way to store it is in an airtight, glass enclosure or an acrylic display case. This way your collectible jerseys are protected from damage do to the sun, mold, dust, and accidental spills.

A case is also valuable to prevent hanger marks on the jersey shoulders and keep you from making pin holes that will definitely reduce the value of the item, significantly. A display case is a low maintenance way to proudly showcase your favorite team as they were uniformed in past years.

Most fans will buy Cubs Throwback Jerseys not for storage, however, but to wear. Custom Throwback Jerseys manufactures and distributes authentic versions of previous baseball jerseys worn by your favorite over the past 100 years. From World Series winners to infamous games played at Wrigley Field, you will find just what you’re looking for in a truly authentic jersey that maintains it’s color and fit for many years and many washings.

Visit Custom Throwback Jerseys online to view our huge selections of throwback jerseys from players like Billy Williams, Anthony Rizzo, Ron Santo and Andre Dawson We stock both the red, blue, and gray Cubs jerseys they wear on the road, and the old-school Cubs jerseys from their early years.

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