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Peter Christian and Soxman and break down what each MLB contender needs to make the play-offs

Trade Rumors begin to heat up as the MLB trade deadline approaches.  The deadline is 4 p.m. ET on Thursday, July 31. Until then teams may trade players freely without having to go through the waiver process.
With their starting rotation looking healthy, it would be hard to see any team overtaking the Angels in the AL West.  The Angels have coveted a legitimate, power-hitting first baseman for years.  Could they place a call to GM Kenny Williams about Paul Konerko?  With Konerko’s awful season that seems unlikely.  They could try to net Mark Teixeira from the Braves.  They have also been linked to Brian Fuentes.  Perhaps the Angles could be persuaded to take Todd Helton in the deal?  I know it’s a stretch.  The Marlins Mike Jacobs is another possibility for the Angels.
–The Soxman

I’m not sure what it is about this 60 win team but I’m not sold on them being a legitimate World Series contender. With their mix of high priced contracts and young prospects their ceiling should be high but I just get an ’07 Mets-like vibe from them. The thing is that they are winning now and aren’t showing signs of falling apart which also means that GM Tony Reagins is going to be hesitant to break up the good mix. They have a good bunch of young players that are contributing, plus a few prospects waiting in the wings so it isn’t entirely out of the question that the Angels would go out and get a high profile bat. However, the Angels top 3 prospects all play positions that the team is already relatively deep at and could invoke some roster moves that don’t have a huge impact on the club. Players like Erick Aybar, Robb Quinlan and Mike Napoli might be moved to make room for the likes of Brandon Wood and eventually Hank Conger. The Angels would probably be seeking out some outfield prospects to wait in the wings as Vladimir Guerrero (32), Torii Hunter (33) and Garrett Anderson (36) all play into the end of their careers.

–Peter Christian
7/17- Red Sox
7/18- Yankees
7/19- Rays
7/20- White Sox
7/21- Twins
7/22- Tigers
7/25- A’s, Rangers
7/26- Phillies, Mets, Marlins
7/27- Cubs
7/28-Brewers, Cardinals
7/29- Dodgers, Diamondbacks


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  1. Peter Christian says

    Soxman, thanks for throwing in the Konerko nugget that I forgot to mention for the Angels but was all over in my White Sox piece.

    Sox should totally deal Konerko and try and get Hank Conger to be the heir apparent to A.J.

  2. The Statue of Harold Baines says

    dealing A.J. would mean the Sox no longer have the most hated player in baseball though!

  3. Peter Christian says

    they don’t need to trade A.J. yet (although his value might be peaked right now). Conger won’t be a Major League catcher until next season at the earliest.

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