VIDEO: Bud Selig is CLUELESS as to MLB’s long term issues


Bud Selig Statue

The successor to Bud Selig was named yesterday. Rob Manfred is the new Major League Baseball commissioner, and for the sake of the sport, hopefully he will be much less tone deaf than the current commish. First watch this video from Countdown with Keith Olbermann on ESPN 2.

In fact, watch it a couple times so that you get all the facts and figures in:

Olbermann is saying all the same things I’ve noticed/researched/written about. So how is Bud Selig dealing with the impending crisis? Watch this video from Fox Sports, and you’ll see that Selig is either lying to himself, lying to all of us, or fiddling while Rome burns.

He’s clearly in denial

Bud Selig won’t have his finger on the button much longer though, so he can kick the can down the road. It’s not his problem anymore.

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