A Phonetic Transcript of Charlie Manuel’s NLCS Game 6 Post-game Interview


After Saturday’s loss, Ken Rosenthal interviewed everyone’s favorite bumbling great uncle from the South. Charlie’s emotional rambling is transcribed after the break.

Hans Hetrick

If you want to follow along:


Ken Rosenthal:

Charlie, first off, what did you tell your team?

Charlie Manuel:

I told them that, uh, you know, like not that they didn’t have nothing to be ashamed of, not to hang their heads I told them to lift their heads high that uh, that we, that we played as absolutely as hard as we possibly could and you know like, that we had a great season and that a a lot of it was fun.

We had our up and downs but at the same time I enjoyed every bit of it Rosie and, you know, like I’m sure la uh most every one of our players did. They’re that kind of team and you know like uh you know like they have nothing, definitely have nothing to be ashamed of.

When we came out of spring training we had you know like we was wanting ta you know like go to the World Series and win that was our goal that’s and you know like, you know like, we didn’t get it done.

We got awful close but at the same time, you know like, we ran into a team that actually was playing good and and it’s this is a funny game sometime it’s like the the games a the farther you go the harder it gets to win. And I think that’s kind of what happened to us.

We got beat well you know like we got beat by a team that was playing a little bit better than we were and uh that’s kind of how I look at it. But you know we can you know there’s things we can do better. And you know like our offense sputtered a little bit this year and we can come back next year and you know like we and and put it all together and i tell you something we got a chance to win here for two or three years at least and maybe even longer.

And uh you na I’m gonna be uh uh dis uh very disappointed maybe more than I am right now. as far as uh as far as you know like you know like going to you know like going to where we want to go because I ee I uh you know I feel like we got that kind of club and I love all of our players and you know like, and you know like, we get along real good and we got a good attitude and chemistry and the only thing we gotta do is go out there and play better a little bit better and be more determined.


  1. reading this looks like something you’d see in a drunk sorority girl’s text history. hearing it sounds a bit LP Trixie, or valley girl

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