Tim Beckman likely stays, so who loses their Illini football job?



Illini football is in a really sad state right now. When you’re double digit underdogs to the lowly Indiana Hoosiers, and you can’t even cover that…ouch! Will Tim Beckman get fired? That’s pretty much the only Illini football topic people want to discuss right now. How hot is Beckman’s seat they ask. Well, it’s complicated.

Someone’s head will roll for this, but who? Likely not Beckman. And the answer is pretty obvious.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Beckman’s buyout is two times his base pay of $400,000 for each year remaining on his contract. The agreement includes a $275,000 annual deduction from the buyout based on Beckman’s “duty to mitigate damages with other income,” according to his contract, which gives an example buyout. Should he be fired before the 2014 season, Beckman would be paid $1,312,500.


Remember the program is already paying three coaches (Ron Zook, Bruce Weber, Jolette Law) $7.12 million combined not to coach college athletics.

By the way, who buys out a women’s basketball coach? Who cares enough about women’s college basketball to spend the money and time on that?

No, Mike Thomas won’t be able to justify paying three different football coaches at the same time. Therefore, Defensive Coordinator Tim Banks will get the axe. His goose was probably cooked with the 42-3 drubbing at the hands of Michigan State in front of the Homecoming crowd. MSU was having some serious issues on offense prior to that game. Their passing game was especially inconsistent. Versus the Illini football team, they scored at will and QB Connor Cook set a school record for passing efficiency. Then there’s the opener versus SIU, where the Banks defense gave up over 350 yards passing and 30+ points to a Low-Major school.

That’s the defense of Tim Banks; which was pretty awful in 2012, but not as bad as this year. His unit came into today’s contest with the Indiana Hoosiers 114th in the nation in run defense.

The result??


IU put up 52 points, 636 yards, and 357 rushing yards.

Yes, that’s a very very good Hoosiers offense that he faced, but you have to put up some kind of fight!

You have to least add some resistance, to give your offense a decent chance to win the game.

The Illini D also gave up 600+ yards to a very mediocre Washington team at Soldier Field. A terrible showing in the city which is their largest alumni and donor base.

So is Tim Banks canned tomorrow or on December 1st, the day after the season ends?

People are calling for Beckman’s head, but they won’t get it. He will get a third season whether you like it or not. Someone will have to be sacrificed. Likely Banks because tonight’s performance was embarrassing.I didn’t even bring up the Wisconsin and Nebraska games yet, which were similarly depressing on that side of that ball.


At this point, you can replace Tim Banks with Elizabeth Banks, Ernie Banks, Carlton Banks, Ashley Banks, Doug Banks from the WGCI Morning Show, someone who works in a bank (well, any bank worker other than Ron Zook).

The Illinois defense got just their second interception of the year tonight. SECOND! THAT’S IT!

Did I bring up the single digit sack totals? Yes, Illini football has spent much of 2013 ranked last, or next to last in sacks. So let’s look at the other Illini football coaches on that side of the ball too. Perhaps all of them should join Banks in updating their resumes this month. Yes, the previous regime left a couple of cupboards bare with recruiting. That’s not Banks or Beckman’s fault. Illini football has zero pass rush and no experience or talent in the secondary partially due to the coaching staff, but more so due to Ron Zook’s regime. Yes, Beckman works specifically with the corners everyday in practice, but that position was thin in recruits before he got here.

What’s inexcusable is that the young secondary has shown zero growth and development. The defense is regressing every Saturday.

The leading candidate to replace Tim Banks, if he is in fact terminated, is Virginia DC Jon Tenuta, I’ve heard.

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