NIT Quarterfinals, Illinois vs. Dayton LIVE!


By Paul Schmidt and Paul M. Banks

We’re live from the headquarters of The Sports Bank, at our top secret Chicago headquarters.

We’re live blogging the game.

We’re wearing orange and blue.

I think we might be pulling out the rooting clothes tonight, boys and girls!!  Tip off is in just a few minutes, so let’s get this stupid Rhode Island/Virginia Tech NIT Quarterfinal game over…

Illinois 0, Dayton 0 20:00 left 1H: The Illini just tipped off and…we can’t see it.  Stupid Rhode Island.  Stupid Virginia Tech. Let’s get this game over. (PS)

Illinois 3, Dayton 2 18:15 left 1H: We still aren’t seeing it…(PS)

Dayton 7, Illinois 3 16:40 left 1H: Dayton has put up 7 straight after an Illini three to get the scoring started. Ahhh, the many faces of the Illini…(PS)

Dayton 9, Illinois 3 16:09 left 1H: Make that nine straight points. So far, the Illini are not handling the Flyers’ pressure well. Cames to head to the line now, though, shooting two. (PS)

Dayton 15, Illinois 6 14:02 left 1H: Illinois, especially defensively, looking unimpressive early in this one. The offense if ok, and the motion is good, but the shots aren’t falling. The same Illini problems, where they don’t close out on the perimeter, is exactly what is biting them in the foot here early on. (PS)

Dayton 17, Illinois 6, 13:00 left 1H: Illinois now allowing the Flyers to hit 70 percent from the field.  This one may piss me off early. OK, I am lying.  This one may piss me off now. (PS)

Dayton 17, Illinois 9, 12:34 left 1H: Brandon Paul made a three! Bruce Weber last game, in the presser, said that he put a big leash on Paul shooting threes.  He just showed why as Paul hit nothing on a looooong airball. (PS)

Dayton 21, Illinois 9, 11:48 left 1H: The Illini look completely unprepared on defense for this Dayton fast break offense.(PS)

Dayton 29, Illinois 13, 9:55 left 1H: Dayton is ROLLING right now. The Illini look terrible with their perimeter D. Better yet, some dude named Fabreeze, the cleaning and de-smelling product, just hit back-to-back threes…(PS)

Dayton 29, Illinois 17 9:25 left 1H: The Illini making a small little ol’ run. Still need to get their crap together. (PS)

Dayton 29, Illinois 17 7:58 left 1H: The game has reached a complete standstill. Dayton won’t stop traveling, and Illinois is missing shots and turning the ball over. (PS)

Dayton 33, Illinois 21 4:51 left 1H: The Illini may win this game, but they need to get moving in the second half.  They don’t seem like they are going to get it going here in the first. (PS)

Dayton 36, Illinois 21, 2:38 left 1H: Illinois isn’t able to cut the lead at all here, and they continue to miss more shots and turn the ball over.  Also, Febreeze, who is tall, white and goofy looking, and has an UGLY jumper hit another three…(PS)

Dayton 38, Illinois 22, 1:01 left 1H: The Illini get a GENEROUS blocking foul and Paul only hits one of two FTs. That was their first points in almost 4 minutes of game time. (PS)

Dayton 38, Illinois 25 HALFTIME: Well, they have some life, anyway! Great sequence by the Illini, with Tyler Griffey hitting a three and then Brandon Paul got a great steal, but the Illini couldn’t get any points. Still, 14 points looks WAY better than 16. Gotta get the offense going, and ramp up the defensive intensity. (PS)

Dayton 40, Illinois 25, 19:15 left 2H: Well…the second hafl starting much like the first went. Brandon Paul looks like he cares, which is nice. (PS)

Dayton 47, Illinois 33, 15:48 left 2H: I kept trying to type a post, because it looked like Illinois was trying to make a run, but no. As it turns out, Dayton just wanted to put a clinic on lulling a team to sleep. They now lead by more than they did at halftime and the Illini look pretty damn dead. (PS)

Dayton 47, Illinois 37 13:19 left 2H: GREAT pass and finish for McCamey to Billy Cole! It was preceded by Mike Tisdale missing a layup. He also just picked up his fourth foul, no matter how bogus it might have been. (PS)

Dayton 51, Illinois 39 11:14 left 2H: Tonight’s gonna be a good night tonight’s gonna be a good good night…But not for the Illini. (PS)

Dayton 59, Illinois 45 7:53 left 2H: It would certainly appear the Illini are going to lose this one as they just can’t get the lead under 10 points. Every time they try, they turn the ball over and give Dayton an easy bucket.  Four point swing every time. Also, Mike Davis just came back in the game after picking up his fourth foul.  Annnnnnd…he fouled out. (PS)

Dayton 59, Illinois 45 7:05 left 2H: Well, now Dayton is slowing things down, maybe they won’t be able to manage the half court offense…(PS)

Dayton 61, Illinois 49, 4:58 left 2H: No no…Dayton’s fine in the halfcourt, actually. The announcers are talking like they have a chance to win this, which is really so cute! (PS)

Dayton 64, Illinois 51, 3:27 left 2H: Brad Nessler just asked if Dayton could hold on to their 13 point lead.  Uhhh…yeah.  They can. (PS)

Dayton 66, Illinois 52, 2:50 left 2H: Maybe the Illini can take a Hot Tub Time Machine back to the start of this game! (PS)

Dayton 67, Illinois 56 2:18 left 2H: Oh my GOD…Nessler just said that if the Illini get a couple stops that they can get right back in the game!! What is wrong with him??? (PS)

Dayton 69, Illinois 63, 1:20 left 2H: They can’t REALLY come back from this, right?? (PS)

Dayton 70, Illinois 63 :55.5 left 2H: The answer: No, no they can’t. This is all over but the free throw shooting. (PS)

Dayton 72, Illinois 66 :41.9 left 2H: Two possession game…(PS)

Dayton 73, Illinois 68, :27.9 left 2H: Ever closer…Dayton continues to miss FTs…(PS)

Dayton 77, Illinois 71, FINAL: Well…that’s it for the Illini this season.  Check back here sometime later this week or this weekend for my Illini wrapup, and thanks for EVERYONE who read our Illinois snippets this season. I’m honored to have been able to talk to you all this way this season.  And until next time…(PS)


  1. paulmbanks says

    live blogging a NIT game, it doesn’t get better than this….

  2. paulmbanks says

    excpet for the score…when did Dayton get balck unis? seriously is this Dayton University or former 80s WWF tag team, Marty Jannety and Shawn Michaels “the rockers” thats what they look like

  3. paulmbanks says

    anyone watching this also hear Nessler say “illinois is like a mini-michigan st.” huhh??? what? que?

    is anyone watching this?

  4. paulmbanks says

    I guess Illinois isn’t playing defense tonight…for real, this is a joke

  5. paulmbanks says

    I HATE that Fabrizious guy! what an UGLY shot! uglier release than Mateen Cleaves and Shawn Marion combined

  6. paulmbanks says

    what a pretty move….by mccmaey nice behind the back pass. and cole finshes! nice finisher by Cole

  7. paulmbanks says

    By the way, we’re live blogging a NIT game…seriously, we’re doing that. this is no drill.

    Yes, I just used the exact same phrase they U.S. military told everyone on their radio network when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor

  8. paulmbanks says

    Brad Nessler sucks, he just says the Illini have a chance here…are you fucking kidding me?

  9. paulmbanks says

    I REALLY wanted to come down here tonight, I did. but I’m kind of glad I didnt
    Dayton is going to win the Trent Meacham invitational

  10. paulmbanks says

    all I have to say about this game is “gimme back that filet-o-fish, gimme that fish. what if it was you hanging up on this wall”

  11. Good Night!

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