Live! Illini vs. Iowa with New Starting Lineup


By Paul M. Banks

Live from press row Champaign, the Illinois Fighting Illini take on the Iowa Hawkeyes with 2 new starters in the Lineup

So the big news tonight Illini hoops wise, is Head Coach Bruce Weber benching Leading scorer and assist man Demetri McCamey in favor Jeff Jordan, and benching D.J. Richardson for Captain-of-the-Reggie Cleveland All-Star team Billy Cole. Telling DJ to cut the music I could see, but Demteri? must be because if his defense, or lack thereof.

We’re halfway through the 1st half, meaning we’re 1/4 of the way through the game and it’s 22-4 Illinois…that’s right 22-4. Guess the changes are working

Then again Iowa is literally shooting 7% from the field…and we’re 12 min in. Literally 7%. When Matt Gatens and Eric May are your biggest offensive weapons, you HAVE ISSUES…more issues than my ex-girlfriend has. Ok, that was mean I take that back. I’m venting and it’s uncalled for.

But seriously John Lickliter is playing, which is I assume is Todd’s kid. He’s a little white boy with no game at all. He just hit a three and then promptly air-balled his next 3-pt attempt. A little white boy with no game…unlike Billy Cole and Tyler Griffey, white boys with some game, and very black names.

MCCAMEY forcing a steal! Did I just see that? Cames playing D? and then the dish on the break to Mike Davis for the dunk.

DJ hits another 3 and it’s 29-7 Illini! Wow! Weber grilled these guys this week, and now they’re waking up. They’ve decided to start playing defense this year. Then again Iowa is TERRIBLE! They would finish in the bottom half of most mid-major conferences, let alone the Big Ten.

And Iowa hits a field goal to complement their touchdown and it’s 31-10 Illinois, as Juice Williams has gone crazy with 4 rushing touchdowns…never mind the analogy ends there. By the way #10 Iowa is leading #9 Georgia Tech in the Big Ten-ACC Challenge known as the Orange Bowl tonight. 14-7 with a min left in the half. I’m sure any Iowa sports fan is watching that and not this tonight…which is a good thing for them.

Time for the obligatory, unneccessary and utterly unprofessional shot at the state of Iowa that comes whenever mentioning the Hawkeyes…but it’s not coming from me, it’s coming from whoever photoshopped the picture of this sign

37-15 Illinois halftime ends…so yeah this game is pretty much over. And we’re just starting the 1st half. DJ Richardson led all scorers with 12 on 4-5 shooting, McCamey chipped in 7 on 3-4 FG…so the 2 benched guys have learned a lot from their demotion I guess.

UGLY start to the half for Illinois, Up just 39-24 with 14:48 to go. Is it me or is Mike Tisdale just Nick Smith all over again? He has ONE rebound, one, in this game and he’s the tallest guy in the court by a longshot.

In case you’re wondering Iowa in football is still at halftime of the orange bowl, up 14-7 . Of all the Big Ten teams, Iowa is the most boring when it comes to being “watchable” in both sports. They are the most unwatchable in both sports. But at least in football they are boring and good. On the court, they are just boring.

53-31 Illinois, with 6:46 to play…I’ll be back with post game Flipshare!

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