Man with Blackhawks Face Tattoo Went in Sewer System to Evade Police


blackhawks tattoo man

An Elgin man, who sports a prominent Chicago Blackhawks logo tattoo on his cheek, tried to evade suburban police by taking an unorthodox route that be believed would lead him to freedom. Spoiler alert- it did not.

Bryant, Torres, who also has a giant #2 tattooed on his neck to honor Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith, attempted to flee police by jumping into the Fox River, swimming through it, and then entering a drainage pipe. Torres, doing his best Richard Kimball impersonation, then entered the sewer system, believing the police wouldn’t know where to find him.

Via the Chicago Tribune:

Firefighters were called in to do a water rescue and saw him go into the drainage pipe, battalion chief Terry Bruce said.

“As he got to the Chicago Street bridge, he saw a drain pipe and ran into there,” Bruce said. “That took him into the street sewer system. We pulled off a half-dozen manhole covers to look for him.”

Firefighters were preparing to enter the system, “never knowing what the gases are like in those spaces, when he popped up about 150 feet in front of us,” Bruce said.


So in other words, Torres, 26, attempted to escape the police by taking a route that led him straight to them. There was a warrant out on the Blackhawks super fan for two gang related offenses. His little swim and sewer odyssey resulted in additional misdemeanor charges of resisting/obstructing a peace officer.

Happy Stanley Cup Playoffs everybody.

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