Want a Career in Health and Fitness?


Health and fitness is a booming industry right now and a great place to carve a career if you’re passionate about exercise or wellness. Here are just several roles to consider within health and fitness (and how you can get you foot in the door of each one).  

Personal Trainer

If you’re a gym addict, a career as a personal trainer could be worth considering. Personal trainers help others to meet their fitness goals by finding the right exercises. This could include helping people to lose weight, gain muscle or train for events. Most personal trainers get their clients initially by working in a gym – to get a job in a gym, an official qualification in personal training is often necessary. There are various different courses that you can take to get this qualification. To be successful as a personal trainer, you generally need to be outgoing and you need to have a flexible schedule. Finding a niche can also help you to stand out. Many newly qualified trainers are looking to tap into the online personal trainer market working for established existing brands like CALIBER, or even going it alone! 

Sports Therapist

Sports therapists help people to recover from injuries sustained through sports or exercise. This could involve recommending stretches and exercises, as well as performing sports massages. To get a job in sports therapy, you’ll need to take a course (good grades in science may be required when applying to such a course). Most sports therapists are self-employed, but some find work at leisure centres and clinics.  


Our diet is just as essential for staying fit and healthy. Nutritionists work with clients to help them find the best diet for their needs. This could include helping people to lose weight, bulk up or helping someone to train for an event with the right diet. To get into this career, you’ll want to look into nutrition courses. A lot of nutritionists are freelance, although some are employed by hospitals, schools and nursing homes.

Sports coach

For those that are passionate and competent in a certain sport, there could always be the option of sports coaching. This could include any sport from swimming to football and could include coaching people one-on-one or coaching a club. You may not need qualifications to become a sports coach, although some sports have official governing bodies that tend to require instructor courses (such as tennis and martial arts). Sports coaches are generally always self-employed.

Gym/leisure management

Managing a gym or leisure centre could be another career option. This generally involves good business skills as well as a passion for fitness. Some people are able to work for a gym or leisure centre and work their way up to management. Others start their own gym or leisure centre – this involves finding funding, but could allow you to reach a position of management more quickly. Qualifications in business or health and fitness could be useful, but aren’t essential. 

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