Are Testosterone Boosters Allowed in the Military?


In the murky world of supplements, you can be left feeling confused about what is and what isn’t legal.

After all, the name testosterone booster has connotations of steroid use. It’s not hard to see why.

Testosterone is the natural steroid hormone produced in both males and females. However, males produce much more than women and it is responsible for the male characteristics that set the two genders apart.

So, if testosterone is legal and natural, why are steroids illegal?

There are differing substances that fall under the umbrella of steroids and mimic the effects of testosterone.

Put simply, if you are supplementing your body with additional testosterone from a synthetic source, you are ramping up the supply in your body which is many more times that would be produced naturally.

This can create an unfair advantage in sports as it increases muscle growth, strength and overall physical performance that is far greater than naturally possible. [1]

On the flip side, it can also contribute to unwanted side effects that may not be considered quite as positive, but only in the huge doses provided by steroids.

These can include, but are not limited to according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse [2]:

• Irritability

• Aggression

• Damage to organs

• Increased risk of blood clots

• Testicle atrophy

• Accelerated hair loss

• Issues with sperm health

• Breast tissue development

Clearly, these are to be avoided and it is these health risks that would attribute to the legal status in the USA and within the Military.

That’s why it is clearly states on the Air Force Medical Service website that steroid use is ‘…a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, punishable by reduction in rank or even expulsion from the armed service…’

The same website also promotes the boosting testosterone, but in a legal way. [3]

Is a Testosterone Booster a Steroid?

While the two may sound very alike, they are different. This is where the confusion lays.

A steroid is a synthetic hormone, it mimics the effects of testosterone but at a level that is impossible to create naturally.

It accentuates the features that are characterised by testosterone, for men, this means more muscle, less fat, a deep voice and facial hair plus other traits.

Women have smaller amounts of testosterone, too.

However, if women start to misuse steroids this can result in that person also seeing masculine traits becoming more apparent, such as less fat, more muscle, deeper voice and an enlarged clitoris amongst others.

Steroids are clearly very potent and can really change the appearance of a person.

A natural testosterone booster on the other hand is different.

How so?

For a start, they are legal. This is because they only contain natural ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and other botanicals – think plant extracts.

They are actually classified as food supplements, and are not a pharmaceutical product.

How do Testosterone Boosters Work?

A natural testosterone booster includes ingredients that are able to stimulate your own production of the natural testosterone hormone.

These ingredients may include vitamin D3 which has proven links to increasing test levels or zinc, which in studies show that a deficiency correlates with low levels of testosterone. [4]

In many cases, a natural testosterone booster can contain the nutrients required for optimal hormone production which are lacking in a typical western diet.

As such, they plug a gap to prevent deficiencies that can negatively affect your hormone levels, in turn, affecting your mental and physical performance.

The big difference to take away here is that steroids fill your system with synthetic, lab made hormones to mimic testosterone on a huge scale which can bring unwanted side effects, whereas test boosters help your body produce more of its natural testosterone.

Are all Test Boosters the same?

No, and this is where you need to be careful.

Natural supplements are not regulated by any governing bodies as such. In the US, the FDA will only take action against products that have been known to cause health concerns.

A particularly well known case involved a pre-workout supplement that included a stimulant called DMAA which was able to increase blood pressure which could lead to heart attacks.

The UK has a slightly different approach. Although potentially hard to police, supplements fall under ‘food law’.

This means that the product must be safe and the label cannot be misleading or untruthful.

However, the real issue customers face is that there is no standard for test boosters.

That means anything collection of ingredients can be offered up as a testosterone booster. There’s no requirement for scientifically proven ingredients and there’s even matters such as proprietary blends which hide the doses to look out for.

As a result it can be hard, unless you have a good understanding and knowledge of what to look for, to make the right and safe choice.

Dietary supplements and test boosters in particular fall within a grey and murky area, the unscrupulous companies have, in essence, tarnished all products, even the good ones.

Yet, a good product can really make a difference to your training.

That’s why we have done the research for you, and have found a supplement that is safe for use, even if you are an athlete or serving in the military.

After all, the founder of the brand is still in the Army as an active duty soldier.

Therefore, this test booster is allowed to use if you are in the military because each individual ingredient does not feature in the list of banned supplements that is issued by either the Department of Defense [5], the Ministry of Defence or WADA.

What is the best testosterone booster on the market right now?

We have researched many products to answer this very question. Yet, there was one clear winner here that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

A product that is safe and legal to use, even if you are in the military.

It is called Military Muscle. This is a natural testosterone booster that contains eleven ingredients that are scientifically proven to enhance your mental and physical performance.

And it is no wonder that it is proving popular amongst military personnel and those looking to improve their fitness.

The key points about Military Muscle is its transparency and the obvious research that has gone in to developing it.

There’s also the finer details that have been considered to separate it from a market full of pretenders and cloned supplements.

This includes the large, clinically proven doses, the completely vegan formula incorporating plant-caps, free global shipping as well as the available fitness and nutrition plans there’s also a tee shirt available in one of the bundles.

They have also ensured that the plant-caps are clear as not to risk food coloring toxicity that many other supplements ignore to try and stand out from the crowd with bright colored pills.

It is also produced in facilities that comply with FDA, BRCGS, HACCP and BCMPA regulations to ensure the highest quality and hygiene standards.

You could say that this is a military grade approved test booster.

What are the benefits of Military Muscle?

Without a doubt it is the science based nutrient profile supported by doses that are proven in studies to be effective.

If a supplement lack these two key areas, or just includes one it just will not have a positive impact.

The included ingredients can have an influence on a wide range of areas to improve your overall performance, not just testosterone levels.

Let’s take a look at these areas:

Testosterone Secretion

There are a number of ingredients that feature in Military Muscle which has strong scientific links proving that they have a positive impact on testosterone release.

These include vitamin D3, Ashwagandha, Fenugreek, Zinc, Boron, D-Aspartic Acid, K2 and Mucuna Pruriens. The combination of Iron and vitamin A has also proved successful in clinical trials.

Stress and Inflammation

Stress has a major impact on testosterone production, too much not only hinders the release but also has a negative impact on your quality of life.

High levels of inflammation can lead to diseases such as cancer. Therefore, it is reassuring to see that six of the ingredients have evidence to demonstrate that they can reduce stress and inflammation.

Immune Support

Arguably overlooked by many, but the importance of supporting the immune system has never been more important. Military Muscle already knew this, after all, soldiers spend days on exercise in filthy, bacteria filled conditions.

A man down is an additional burden on the team, obviously with this in mind, Military Muscle ensured that to reduce the risk of infection from bacteria and additional stresses placed on the immune system they included ingredients such as D3, Ashwagandha, Fenugreek, Zinc, Boron, Iron, Urtica Dioica, vitamin A and k2.

Strength and Performance

Testosterone plays an important part in muscular strength and recovery, this is something Ashwagandha plays a large role in. The studies demonstrate over three months that it increases strength. [6]

There’s also evidence that shows low levels of Boron has a negative impact on physical performance. [7]

In addition, just like Mucuna Pruriens [8], Boron also has a positive effect on cognitive health.

Libido & Fertility

For many men, a reduced libido can have a serious impact on their confidence and relationships.

Military Muscle contains no less than three ingredients that can help improve erections, sexual arousal, orgasm, sperm quality and fertility.

What’s the drawbacks?

Honestly? We’re finding it difficult to find any. Okay, we have seen a few Trustpilot reviews saying their shipping was delayed, but this is to be expected during a global pandemic.

The price is within the ‘premium’ sector at $69 for one bottle, but that does include free global shipping and there are bundles which reduces the unit price while also including things like tee shirts and fitness plans.

Overall, this does look like great value.

One gripe is that you can only buy it direct, so you can’t just pick a bottle up from the Exchange.

The Take-Away

Let’s take a look at the original question. Okay, anabolic steroids are not allowed in the Military. In the US they aren’t allowed at all unless you have a prescription.

Testosterone boosters are completely different. While often advertised as ‘legal steroids’ the difference between the two is considerably vast.

No, natural testosterone boosters, when done right, contain the safe and legal ingredients to fill any deficiencies due to diet and also stimulate more natural testosterone production.

Your only issue is then filtering out the few that are trustworthy, reliable, effective and safe. Although we have done the hard work for you…










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