Why Athletes Prefer Vaping Than Smoking


By Eamon Bennett

Most seasoned athletes have smoked in the past. Chain smoking could lead to lung disease, cancer, stroke, and cardiovascular disorders. As such, many athletes have recently switched to vaping for enjoyment rather than smoking cigars, cigarettes, or pipes.

Vaping has become a great alternative to smoking. It has helped many quit smoking and choosing e-cigarettes, which are less harmful.

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Indy 500, Little 500, Broadripple: Bawdy Tales of Indianapolis Racing Weekend Hijinks

indianapolis motor speedway

A decade ago, I attended my first Indy 500, and it was in the infield.

My people watching that day became an essay which is among the site’s most popular posts of all time. A decade later, I returned to the Greatest Spectacle in Racing, ready once again to regale you with tales of auto racing’s zaniest fans, on racing’s biggest weekend.

This time we added two more settings- the Little 500 in Anderson (about an hour from the speedway) and Broadripple, the neighborhood boasting the hippest nightlife in all of nap town.

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How Natural Medicine Helps in Sport

By Joseph Plunkett

Many athletes are constantly looking for solutions that could help them to improve performance and the ability of their bodies to withstand strenuous exercises. Some of them are convinced to turn to using dangerous chemicals, but the products often lead to many dangers. One of the best ways athletes can boost their performance without compromising is turning to natural medicine, which could be used to prevent injuries, to offer nutritional support, and also ensure rapid recovery after injuries. There are several ways natural medicines can be used by athletes to help them improve in their careers.

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Wimbledon: Etiquette Rules for Spectators at the Grand Event

By Patrick Pierce

Originally founded in 1877, Wimbledon is the world’s most recognized and oldest tennis tournament, with a total viewership of approximately 1 billion people in 200 territories.

Considering the popularity of Wimbledon, it’s not surprising what is actually required to recreate the iconic tournament each year – extensive preparation and planning is crucial. For example, it is estimated 54,000 balls are used at Wimbledon each year, while over 40 miles of string is fitted to 2,000 rackets over a fortnight.

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Cinco de Mayo No Fiesta for Chicago Fire; Atlanta United Cruise

cinco de mayo

All the ingredients were there to provide a special night for the Chicago Fire: Cinco de Mayo falling on a Saturday, a late night kickoff in summer weather (when the very preceding Chicago Fire home game was hard core winter weather), and the best team in Major League Soccer (Atlanta United) coming to town.

Atlanta came in to this match second in the MLS in points this season, but the only team ahead of them, NYCFC, has played two more matches. This could have been a statement game for the Fire, and a fiesta grande for their seguidores y fanaticos, but they couldn’t capitalize, as the 15,024 in attendance (many of which were outfitted with festive holiday accoutrements) at Toyota Park saw United take all three points, winning 2-1.

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Sports Nutrition for the Vegetarian Organic Athlete

jason grilli

By Jason Verduzco

When it comes to athletic performance, which foods best support the athlete in his/her quest for superiority on the field? Many athletes have expressed the opinion that they are even willing to put their own health aside in their quest for stardom. Which diet will best serve the athlete? Is nutrition even a factor worthy of consideration in this regard?

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Roman Abramovich, Surprisingly, Escapes Sanctioning by the U.S. Government

roman abramovich vladimir putin

Back on January 30, Chelsea Owner Roman Abramovich was been named to the United States Treasury Department’s Russian Oligarchs list, dubbed by many observers as the “Putin list.”

This list, with 210 names on it, includes 96 oligarchs with a net worth or more than $1 billion (£710 million) and very close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin. While Abramovich, and the other names on the list, weren’t sanctioned at the time that this list was announced, it did serve as a prelude to potential economic sanctions.

What might be just the first wave of sanctions got announced today, and Roman Abramovich, surprisingly, was escaped unscathed.

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Super Bowl LII: Patriots vs Eagles Odds, Prop Bets Guide

super bowl lii

The Super Bowl LII match-up is set and once again it includes the New England Patriots, who have become the National Football League’s Hulk Hogan of sorts. If you watched/followed WWE in the late 1980s-early 1990s, it was called WWF back then, then you remember Hulk Hogan being the guy that seemingly always won, despite how much it seemed that he was going to lose the whole time.

The Patriots certainly have that sort of feel these days, especially so in yesterday’s AFC Championship win over the Jacksonville Jaguars and last year’s Super Bowl triumph over the Atlanta Falcons.

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Update on Wrigley Field Renovations and The Park Additions for 2018


As expected, the 33rd edition of the annual Cubs Convention was a sell out, drawing over 10,000 attendees. Once again, the Wrigley Field renovations were a hot discussion topic, as each year new information is disseminated by Cubs President Crane Kenney at the annual fan gathering during the “Business Operations Update.”

Traditionally, this is the most informational and news-worthy session of the weekend, but it’s definitely not one that kids would be very interested in. Perhaps that’s why the Kids Only Press Conference takes place at the exact same time.

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How Can Food Affect Performance: Best Foods for Athletes

By John O’Leary

A healthy diet is a key factor when trying to get the most out of your physical potential. While everyday people are no less concerned about the matter, it is even more paramount for those whose careers actually depend on it. All types of sportsmen rely on their actual muscular performance for their profession, especially now that people practicing live betting with NetBet Sport and other such variants are on the sidelines, equally depending on it.

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Former Manchester United Defender Becomes Big Environmentalist


From professional footballer to friend of the Earth; that’s the journey of ex Manchester United defender Richard Eckersley. In 2009, Eckersley won a medal as a squad member named to the Red Devils bench for their League Cup Final triumph. In 2017, he’s a vegan owner of the United Kingdom’s first zero waste food shop.

His appearance has also changed drastically since his playing days.

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Northwestern Wildcats Up Their Food Game at Ryan Field (Photos)

northwestern wildcats burger

As the legendary Los Angeles poet laureate O’Shea Jackson (Ice Cube) once said: “I got my grub on, but didn’t pig out.” This past Friday night brought the Northwestern Wildcats annual “meet the team” event, and this year’s edition had an added kick to it. Fans could do more than just play on the field and obtain autographs from the players this time.

They also had a chance to sample the new stadium concessions, as Sodexo and the Northwestern Wildcats stepped their game up for 2017. As the home opener Saturday versus Nevada approaches, bear in mind that there are multiple burger options available, ranging the spectrum from pork and beef combinations to vegan offerings. There’s something for everybody.

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