Bet on the Legend, Tiger Woods



By Cleyana Mayweather

Tiger Woods is a legend. Woods has impacted golf just as Michael Jordan defied gravity in basketball, just as Ruth hit homeruns, and just as Ali changed boxing and the world. What do we know about legends? Legends DON’T like to lose and they sure DON’T like to lose championships. Championships are what they play for and winning “the big ones” are what makes a great athlete, a legend. Just take a look at the best betting sites uk and you’ll see all the favorites are the repeat champions, the greatest winner.

Sure Woods has his share of major championships-14 to be exact. And with four more major championships, he will tie Jack Nicklaus for the most major golf championships of all time. Everyone else may think that Tiger is living in a perfect world and is on happy with his game. But that’s the difference between legends and everyone else, they are never satisfied!


In Tiger’s mind, that is not enough! Why? Because four majors has passed without Woods lifting a trophy or putting on a green jacket.

It’s true that two of the majors Woods didn’t play in because he was recovering from reconstructive knee surgery (a procedure he had after winning the 2008 U.S. Open on basically one leg) and he has finished in the top ten at both majors this year, but that just isn’t good enough. Woods believes he has enjoyed a great comeback season with three victories already but wishes that two majors hadn’t escaped him.

Woods plays to win majors and winning his 15th major championship has eluded his twice this season. But this feat will not escape him this week at the Open Championship at Turnberry in Scotland. Because there is one more distinct characteristic of legends, they come through when the pressure is on. So with the pressure on, here are the top five reasons Tiger Woods will win the 2009 Open Championship:

5. Tiger’s good friend Roger Federer won his 15th major at Wimbledon two weeks ago. Federer and Woods have a friendly competition and Woods is not going to let Federer get too ahead of him in the major count, that’s for sure.


4. Turnberry is what you call a “Tiger” course. It is built for shot makers. He can shape and bend his golf shots all day on this link course. He can even leave his driver in the bag if he wants to and Woods has no problem hitting the fairway with his irons, which will lead to good results.

Tiger didn’t even visit the course before the championship.

Oh, he didn’t visit Medinah in 1999, Valhalla in 2000, Bethpage in 2002, and Hoylake in 2006 either. Those are all courses he won a major championship on after playing them for the first time.


3. Woods has been extremely successful at the Open Championship. He seems to love it as much as he loves the Masters. In his 12 appearances as a professional, he has won the championship three times and finished in the top ten seven times. He has never missed the cut at the tournament.

2. Woods is coming off an impressive win at his own tournament, the AT&T National two weeks ago and is in the best shape of his career.The repaired left knee doesn’t seem to be bothering him as you can tell by his swing which is as beautiful as an angel these days.

Woods went through grueling rehab to get in a shape where he can hit those impossible golf shots that only he can hit.


1. It’s just Tiger’s time! He hasn’t won a major in 13 months and that is just way too long for Woods. He wants the Claret Jug on Sunday!

So if you are a betting on the Open Championship winner this week, bet on the legend. Go ahead and engrave the trophy now. Write in the history books that Tiger Woods win No. 15 at Turnberry in Scotland. Because legends come through in the clutch and it is time for Woods to feel that major championship glory once again.

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