Bet on the Legend, Tiger Woods


By Cleyana Mayweather

Tiger Woods is a legend. Woods has impacted golf just as Michael Jordan defied gravity in basketball, just as Ruth hit homeruns, and just as Ali changed boxing and the world. What do we know about legends? Legends DON’T like to lose and they sure DON’T like to lose championships. Championships are what they play for and winning “the big ones” are what makes a great athlete, a legend. Just take a look at the best betting sites uk and you’ll see all the favorites are the repeat champions, the greatest winner.

Sure Woods has his share of major championships-14 to be exact. And with four more major championships, he will tie Jack Nicklaus for the most major golf championships of all time. Everyone else may think that Tiger is living in a perfect world and is on happy with his game. But that’s the difference between legends and everyone else, they are never satisfied!

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